Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Homosexuals use Children to Promote Agenda, Again

It really isn't anything new but if one was paying attention, one would see that yet again the homosexuals demonstrate that the children they are raising are their vehicles to social change and social acceptance. The article about the Easter Egg hunt at the White House can be read here. To identify themselves they wore rainbow leis. Naturally, the double entendre is intentional.

The article itself is a fine example of "advocacy journalism". There is no pretense at objectivity because it's all about uhhh human rights.

From the article:

Colleen Gillespie, an assistant research professor at New York University's Wagner Graduate School of Public Service, was one of the originators of the group visit. She said the idea arose after Education Secretary Margaret Spellings last year criticized an episode of the PBS children's program "Postcards From Buster" because it featured lesbians raising children. PBS declined to distribute the episode.

Gillespie said Monday that the dispute over the episode left her and her partner, Alisa Surkis, feeling vulnerable, "and we wanted to fight back."

I think it's normal to base my feelings on how the Buster Bunny cartoon is received? Are these people for real?

Like others, the gay and lesbian parents had waited overnight in a line to pick up time-specific tickets Saturday morning.

Now I'm outraged. Why did the homosexuals have to wait in line????????? They should have had their tickets fedexed to them. Fuming.


Although skies began to clear Monday afternoon, a drenching rain was falling just before noon when the group made its way to the White House grounds.

Many in the group wore leis made of yellow, purple, red, green, blue and orange silk and plastic flowers. The leis added a touch of color, meant to symbolize diversity, to an otherwise gray day.

Just as the homosexuals showed up God cleared the weather. Clearly it was a sign of divine approval. Their presence, their diversity was the only color, the only life, the only meaning to the gray day. I think this journalist could really make some money on the side writing harlequins.

Gillespie and Surkis' daughter, Ella, 3, set out with a straw bonnet, decorated with a pink and yellow flower, beneath the hood of her red rain slicker.

This is very nice because we have demonstrated for us that Ella is being cared for exquisitely. She has her Easter bonnet on but her rain coat too. These people should be giving parenting classes. They know how to dress children. It's beautiful.

Chrisler said her 4-year-old twins, Tim and Tom, had their own motivation for attending. They were interested in meeting the Easter bunny because, looking ahead to another holiday, they figured he could "put in a good word with Santa Claus," she said.

4 year old twins and they are already experienced lobbyists for their own cause. Truly this is revealing. So, 100 people out of 16,000 and the sun shines, they bring joy. Maybe next year the Gay Pride parade could replace the Easter Egg roll. Now that would be progress, that would show love and acceptance and humanity.


Stephen said...

Well said Mary, I was looking for a solid critique of that travesty!

Sarcasm is a deadly weapon : )

M. Alexander said...

Not only a weapon but I would argue that sarcasm is one of the oft forgotten gifts of the Holy Spirit ;).

WriteWingNut said...

I believe in loving everyone and including everyone, but this "in your face" "shove our agenda down your throat" stuff bothers me.

I have a sister who is gay and I'd hate for anyone to hate her or treat her differently because of that. I don't believe in what she does, but I love her so much.

So I'm torn on issues like this. I can understand homosexuals fighting to be treated fairly, but some of them carry it too far.

M. Alexander said...

Writewing, Does your sister have children? Does she use them to promote the gay rights agenda? I bet she doesn't. I think using children is particularly heinous and I don't hate anyone but I hate what they do if they do something wrong especially when a child is harmed or exploited.

Sportin' Life said...

You hateful and sad old woman.

You have no business speaking this way of people you don't even know.

Tradcatholic said...

Hey, Hey you old curmudgeon yourself, sportin'life! When people commit mortal sins and are in danger of loosing their souls - whether we know them or not, it IS love to point out the sad state of affairs they have gotten themselves into. And, by the way, this is fraternal i.e brotherly correction. It has nothing to do with hating the sinner. And, what gives you the idea that a person who points out error which leads to damnation needs to be 'sad', 'old', and 'hateful'? Sounds like you are really not the 'sport' you make yourself out to be.
Evil triumphs when good people do nothing about it - the attitude of 'live and let live' and pay no attention to the commission of error endangering souls, both the doer and the observer. The sad, old, hateful ones are the homosexuals committing sins in the view of everyone. Closets are good.

Sportin' Life said...

Yes, the fraternal christian love comes through strongly in Mary's post.

TC, how about if you leave other people to deal with their own souls? They're really none of your business, when you get right down to it, are they? We don't all subscribe to your authoritarian religious hocus-pocus--and that's our right here in the United States of America.

Madeline said...

Actually, Sportin' Life, the souls of our brothers and sisters (that includes ALL people) are our responsibility. Do you really live in a world where when you see people in danger, you can just ignore them as "not your responsibility?" The greatest danger of all, is the loss of one's eternal soul. Indeed, if we did "hate" people, then we wouldn't take the time or trouble to help them.

I think it's a little ironic that the first sentence in your first post contains nothing but insults, and then your second sentence berates Mary for "speaking this way of people you don't even know." Huh?

To paraphrase my favorite author, "the word 'hate' comes too oft, and too easily, from your lips."