Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Asta la Vista Baby

Isn't it funny that some people know when it's time to say goodbye?

And some people don't?


Madeline said...

How can you stand Mr. Doug "I campaigned for Hillary" Floozie? Talk about heresies!!

By the way, the statistics say it all.

Brett Favre
Att 7610
Comp 4678
Yds 53615
TD 396
Int 255
LG 99
CR 86

Doug Floozie
Att 2151
Comp 1177
Yds 14715
TD 86
Int 68
LG 84
CR 76.3

Heather said...

Doug Floozie...LOL! Sorry, Mary, but even this New England girl can't stand the Patsies. But if you talking about the Bo Sox, that's a totally different story! ;-)

Tradcatholic said...

All I ask is WHO ARE THESE PEOPLE?? What do they have to do with HERESIES??

Madeline said...

Hi, Tradcatholic;

Both are nice Catholic boys who grew up to play football in the NFL. One of them supports (and campaigned for) Hillary Clinton, and one of them doesn't. The same guy also masqueraded as an NFL quarterback for several years. Heresy!

Tradcatholic said...

Thanks Madeline for the information. However stupid it is to campaign for a nincompoop as Hilary, I fail to see how this is referred to as 'heresy'. It seems more like nincompoopery to me.

Anonymous said...

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