Monday, May 15, 2006

Families Fear Life

Though it should be obvious and I'm tired of repeating it, having children is a good thing. An understatement you say? Not when you are fighting the forces of the culture which puts material goods, freedom, physical comfort and self actualization ahead of bringing children into the world. Or as one friend put it, cooperating with God to bring forth an immortal soul. And it cannot be said often enough when you are fighting the imposition of anti-child attitudes from Catholics who should know better.

Immortal, get that? Not a 2 week paycheck that you blow on clothes or a vacation, not a new car that loses 20% of its value when you drive it off the lot, not even a perfect figure. There I've said it. Having a baby is even better than having a perfect figure.

Seems the Holy Father agrees with me. From Zenit today:

"The historic moment we are living calls for Christian families to attest with courageous coherence that procreation is the fruit of love," said the Pontiff.


"At times it seems families are besieged by fear in the face of life, paternity and maternity," Benedict XVI continued. "It is necessary to give back confidence to them so that they can continue to fulfill their noble mission of procreation in love."

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