Monday, May 08, 2006

Vocations, Ordinations and Big Families

Nice article about twins, John and Joseph Campbell who will be ordained priests. Catholic Online has the article here.

Openness to Life:

"My parents gave us an unwavering witness of selfless, self-sacrificing love and fidelity," said Deacon Joseph. "They inspired us to be holy by the witness of their lives and through their instruction in the faith."

Living the Faith:

"We raised our children the way we were brought up," said John Campbell, who was born in Scotland. That included attending Mass each morning and saying the rosary together each evening.

"Once the children got involved in sports, sometimes they would have to finish their rosary on the way to practice," Dolores Campbell said in an interview with Faith magazine, a publication of the Erie Diocese. "But we'd start it out together. I think that has really blessed our marriage and family life."

A simple formula for vocations- a family life that includes:

1. Daily Mass
2. Family Rosary
3. Confession
4. Catholic school (and I mean Catholic!)
5. Sacrifice
6. Generosity
7. Unselfishness

The Holy Father on vocations:

"Christian marriage is a vocation to holiness in the full sense of the word, and that the example of holy parents is the first favorable condition for the flowering of priestly and religious vocations."

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