Thursday, May 04, 2006

Ex Marks the Spot

Photo of the Bishops of the Schismatic Chinese Patriotic Church

The Vatican announces the excommunication of the 2 bishops "installed" in the last 3 days by the schismatic church and the excommunication of the 2 bishops who installed them. Strong words from the Vatican.

The Facts:

Vatican spokesman Joaquin Navarro-Valls cited Article 1382 of the Roman Catholic Church's canon law. That article states that "both the bishop who, without a pontifical mandate, consecrates a person a bishop, and the one who receives the consecration from him, incur a 'latae sententiae excommunication,'" which means they are automatically excommunicated.

Earlier, Navarro-Valls said
Pope Benedict XVI was deeply saddened by news of the ordinations, which have occurred in recent weeks.

"It is a great wound to the unity of the church," Navarro-Valls said in a statement.

Not Gonna Happen:

"The criticism toward the Chinese side by the Vatican is groundless," that statement said. "We hope the Vatican can respect the will of Chinese church and the vast numbers of priests as well as its church members so as to create good atmosphere for the improvement of Sino-Vatican ties."

Ya Think?

The Vatican statement said officials had received information indicating that "bishops and priests have been subjected — by institutions not related to the church — to strong pressures and threats, in order for them to take part in the ordinations that, because they were not approved by the Vatican, are illegitimate and go against their conscience."

"We are therefore faced with a grave violation of religious freedom," Navarro-Valls said, adding the Vatican "had thought and hoped that such despicable events belonged to the past."

There's a new diplomatic breeze blowing and it's reaching gale force winds. The Holy Father will not be trifled with and the sooner the Chinese Communists realize it the better. Supposedly they were afraid of Pope John Paul II because of his role in bringing down Communism in Poland. I think they should start worrying about Pope Benedict. If I were them I'd be afraid. I'd be very afraid.

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