Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Vatican says Number of Priests Declining

The Vatican releases statistics on the declining number of priests worldwide. The largest decrease is seen in Europe which has lost 20% of its priests.

The whole article is here

I find it ironic that the picture joined with the article shows altar servers- at least two of whom are girls. Of course no one is connecting the dots and I wouldn't want to be the rain on their Springtime of Vatican II.


Stephen said...

I come from a Diocese which uses female altar servers(there is only one left that doesn't right?). I never really thought about it until a few months ago. My sister even served.

But I have a great experience watching the all male acolytes at the Dominican church at Yale. I really see the argument for males only now. The priesthood is special. Altar boys should be the ones being prepped for the priesthood. What's the old saying? If you serve for a bishop 3 times, you will become a priest. Something like that...

I would really prefer individual pastors taking the initiative and stopping females on the altar. I am not even entirely comfortable with women lectors.

Although I really want to know what the number of priests has been the past 10 years. I would assume it's back on the way up- atleast in the more orthodox areas. (people don't like to devote their lives to soft, non-absolute causes)

Anonymous said...

Stephen: "I am not even entirely comfortable with women lectors" what is that supposed to mean? your uncomfortable with women?