Thursday, May 04, 2006

Too Good Not to Link- Diogenes on the Vatican and Condom controversy

Read it all. It's worth it!


Madeline said...

Is it possible that the immovable bulwark against contraception was cracked with the advent of "Natural Family Planning?"

Abstention prevents STDs, as well as conception. If a condom is an acceptable way to prevent STDs then why wouldn't it be okay to use a condom to prevent conception?

Perhaps we ought to re-examine the value(sarcasm) of NFP?

Tradcatholic said...

This is so typical of those who want to circumvent the regulations of the Faith with the pretext of doing 'good' for another 'hurting' person. The strange thing about all this condom talk is that condoms DO NOT prevent the spread of AIDs or any other disgusting STD. (I KNOW - not all persons with AIDs are perverts/sodomites)
Those fools who fool themselves about this are doing great harm to the souls of these persons...of course THAT damage is hidden(in this life) so it doesn't mean a whole heck of a lot to superficial carpe diem bleeding hearts.
NFP (Not For Procreation (just yet)) is acceptable as divorce was 'acceptable' in the old testament- because of the hardness of their hearts. But, it was not so from the beginning.

Madeline said...

Good Point Tradcatholic. It is all about immediate gratification, without visible consequences; and somehow legitimizing it by having the Church "okay" it.