Monday, October 20, 2008

Colin Powell's endorsement proves one thing

That this election has always been about abortion. For the left even more so than for the right- who seem to have become distracted by arguments about Sarah Palin's lack of intellectual credentials. Strangely I can think of no university professor that I would vote for as president. (Populist fool that I am!)

Colin Powell has said that specifically, he would have a problem with 2 or more Republican appointments to the Supreme Court. This is code for 2 or 3 judges who would overturn Roe versus Wade. No one enforces the litmus test as much as the liberals.

I never considered Colin Powell a Republican anyway. His announcement was spitefully timed and he will not "campaign" read engage or defend his endorsement.

It troubles me to see the Left fighting more vigorously to expand the right to kill. And the Right acting so passively, looking for reasons to vote (God help us) Third Party.

I got an email from a woman in Western Massachusetts last week. Her eleven year old son had been in a terrible car accident and the doctors have declared him "brain dead". She was fighting to get him moved to a rehabilitation hospital where he could be cared for and treated. But naturally the doctors at the hospital want his organs. (I wonder what Plato would think of that?) In court the judge said to the hospital's attorney, "This is about money isn't it?" The mother won a reprieve and the hospital cannot remove her son's life support so they decided to removed his nutrition.

Life isn't intellectual repartee, clever bantering, the proposing of obscure historical defenses and deriding the practical in favor of the ethereal.

G.K. Chesterton said, "You can only find truth with logic if you have already found truth without it."

Using logic or intelligence to come to the wrong conclusion is not a parlor game. There is a reality, a responsibility and all too real consequences.


John F. Triolo said...

I completely agree that this election and every election must be primarily about Life. That's why it is such a shame that there is no pro-life party or presidential candidate. John McCain is not actively pro-life-- In fact, given his continued support of ESCR, it's pretty clear that he is pro-death.

McCain, like most GOP politicians is with us only as long as we're useful and our usefulness ends the day after election day.

Supreme Court appointments? Any pro-life juristis also likely to oppose McCain's wildly expansive view of federal authority. Combine that with the political usefulness of trading moderate appointments for favors from liberals and I think we can pretty much rule out real pro-life appointments from an oppurtunist like John McCain.

Danny Vice said...

I respect Mr. Powell's right to decide for himself what his own political views are.

I do not respect the political dishonesty he's shown, by pretending to be a Republican when he in fact does not support conservative or Republican values - and hasn't for awhile now.

Powell himself pretty much made this clear in his statement - by opposing the appointment of conservative justices to the Supreme Court.

Justices aren't the same as policy makers. They aren't candidates running for office. They interpret and uphold the law.

By opposing a conservative justice, he opposes the very bedrock values that separate liberals from conservatives.

He can say he's a liberal conservative - but it's time for Powell to just come completely clean and admit the lie he's been living. You cannot serve two masters.

Perhaps he's maintained a public persona of being a Republican to avoid pressure from his military peers which are overwhelmingly conservative.

Mr. Powell, be who you want to be... Just don't lie to me about who you are and what you believe in the process.

Now run along with your friend Scott McClellon and play with your new friends. The baby butchering, tree worshipping, socialist left. It's nice to finally know where you stand.

Danny Vice
The Weekly Vice

Robert said...

You're absolutely right...this election is about abortion; the Left's hatred of Palin proves that.McCain isn't the perfect candidate,but Obama is the most pro abortion presidential candidate ever and that keeps from from voting 3rd party.