Monday, October 20, 2008

Senior pics!

Veronica's pictures came in the mail and I'm so happy at how well they came out!

Thanks to Jane McDonagh a wonderful photographer!


Bexo said...


Anonymous said...

She's growing a fine, lovely young lady, Mary.
I know her parents are very proud and thankful, as they should be!

May Our Lord bless and prosper her, and keep her ever close in His grace.


Lily said...

She's beautiful, Mary. God bless!

ashley said...

Wow, Mary! She's stunning! I think she looks so much like you but with longer hair! :)

Ashley (from Ga and MK)

M. Alexander said...

Hi Ashley- I was hoping it was Ashley from MKs, may it rest in peace!

Actually I think Rose looks a lot like Andy's side of the family. Andy's mother is very very beautiful and Rose gets her eyes from her.

Thank you for the nice compliments - I think she is beautiful too and not just on the outside. How are you doing???? Miss hearing from you and all the other ladies so much.