Thursday, October 09, 2008

Country Cottage

My sister kindly took a picture of our little country cottage. I'm especially excited about the whiskey barrel my parents found in Pennsylvania. In the Spring there are lilacs in bloom around the edges of the cottage.

This is a side view and shows an antique push lawnmower and the grape arbor my son Nathaniel built for me. We are growing concord grapes over the arbor, or starting to.

Wilderness Cottage.

The cottage now lies empty,
and overgrown with weeds,
A large walled garden at the rear,
long past has gone to seed.

Many tiles have fallen off,
broken gutters and hanging gate,
Doors and many windows,
with cracked and peeling paint.

The family that once owned it,
now long disappeared from view,
Reflects bygone nostalgia
through the walls that that it once knew.

And as the sun begins to set,
with the last embers of the day,
The little cottage lives in hopes
that some one just might stay.

by Nicholas Windle


Suzanna said...

[sigh] absolutely dreamy!

Anonymous said...

If only you had written that. A good selection, but we can always use more Catholic poets.

Anonymous said...

Whe I am old, worthless and widowed (assuming I have not been martyred by obama), I shall come up there and install myself.

A kind of semi-troglodyte, Carthusianesque existence for my last days.



Mary Bennett said...

So sweet! The poem was the crowning touch!

L Brons said...

Lovely . . . oh wait, we wouldn't fit with 4+ children, but boy it would be fun to live in your back yard. ~Lynne in VA