Friday, October 31, 2008

Most Watched Election Video on YouTube


Robert said...

Hi Mary,
Can you change the settings on opening posts with links. I wanted to sent this posting to friends but I can with your current settings.

M. Alexander said...

I don't know if I can but I will try.

Robert said...

go to your Dashboard, click Settings.
Click Archiving.
where it asks "enable post pages" click yes.
save settings.
this gives each post it's own "web page" each post will have it's own unique link.

Anonymous said...

God, don't make me regret my McCain vote! It was a powerful video, but this is one place where Obama is right, even if he can't articluate just why. The veteran was correct on the key point- the war was [at least in large part] fought in the name of freedom- but he fails to realize that it follows that the war was fought for reasons of ideology, and not for any national interests or rational form of goodwill to the Iraqi people.

How can this war said to be worth it when 120,000 Iraqis and over 4,000 Americans have died to give the Iraqis the vote and transfer them from a relatively stable secular dictatorship, under which Christians were largely safe from violence, to a still quite unstable democracy which has done little to protect the mostly emigrated Christian minority? And I have left out whether or not the war was just to begin with.

The veteran is wrong to say that saying the war was a "mistake" dishonors our troops. Perhaps they cannot rightly claim to be fighting in a righteous conflict, but it must be remembered that it's not the soldier's job to determine if a war is justified or not. It is natural for nations to have standing armies to protect them, and that enlistment in such a naturally good profession as the military is always honorable; soldiers should never be blamed for having fought in an unjust conflict their nation became embroiled in. I mean, I have deceased relatives who fought on both sides of the Second World War; while the Allies were indisputably in the right morally, the Nazi soldiers largely fought for the same love of country and countrymen as we Americans did, and with as much valor; it is only right that I honor the virtues of those on both sides. The veteran in the video makes an association of those who question the justice of war to a pacifist extremism which I am sure even someone as vile as Barack Obama wouldn't endorse.

M. Alexander said...

Dear Crusader88,

Christians did not live in a safe or stable environment (in fact no one did). The Kurds, 70,000 of whom were killed were Christians. A fact that no one wants to remember.

Robert said...

I don't quite follow the logic of those who call McCain a war monger but not Obama. Obama wants to send more troops to Afghanistan......that's not war mongering?

Thomas Shawn said...

You're right Robert, Obama said in the second to last debate that he would increase troops in Afghanistan by at least two brigades.

I found this laughable, I doubt he even knows what a brigade is.

So much for the Peace Train.

Hussein (Saddam) cynically used Christians in his government to keep the Sunni and Shias out. But the glowing reviews of life under Hussein (Saddam) are a testimony of deceit. We see similar testimonies about life under Hussein (Barack).

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