Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Hank Williams Jr weighs in

Was there ever any doubt?

And according to Drudge gun sales are up in FL in fear of an Obama presidency.

I think given this and the stunning, truly stunning polling data (if we believed them we would think that Obama's lead as shrunk from 15 pts to 2 in just a day or 2) we can say that the sleeping giant is waking up. And he's not a morning person.

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Jeff Culbreath said...

"We love our God."

The godless heathen Hank Jr. said that? What a joke. Please, the man is an embarrassment. I can't believe McCain is associating himself with this guy. Maybe I shouldn't be surprised.

Note: I used to be a huge Bocephus fan. Had all his albums, read his pornographic auto-biography when I was 16, saw him in concert in 1984 where he was so drunk he couldn't stand up straight or carry a tune. Hundreds of angry fans left the stadium and demanded a refund. He thinks he's the Hugh Hefner of country music, and maybe he is. If I didn't have a reason not to vote for McCain, I do now.