Thursday, October 02, 2008

The VP Debate

1. Gwen can't-wait-to-publish-my-probama-book Ifill doesn't even know that the House rejected the bailout.

Oh wait, was it racist to say that?

2. Palin asked Biden if she could call him Joe????? But that's still Governor Palin to you buddy.

3. Biden is going to focus on the Middle Class- first lie of the night.

4. Sarah's looking strong in the economy response and Biden is looking afraid. Don't blame him.

5. Biden has a lot of friends on the Republican side, you're not Joe Lieberman, I knew Joe Lieberman and Joe Lieberman was a friend of mine.

6. Sarah is hepped up! She seems strong, forceful and Biden looks like he's overdue for a nap.

7. Biden looks horrible. The bags under his eyes. I think he was up all night studying. He seems tired, old, too reserved. He's used to the bully pulpit of the long time Senator.

8. I think Biden has gone under the knife. The skin around his eyes looks a little tight and upward bearing.

9. Biden is talking about his plan to "Double Foreign Assistance". He may have to slow it down given the economy. I think this is his terrorist-bribe plan. If we give you a few million and arms will you stop killing Americans. History has shown how effective that is, in places like Afghanistan.

10. That sound system is bad. Boom. Boom. Boom.

11. She just called Achmadinajad unstable and not sane. hehehehehehehe.

12. The invocation of Kissinger and why we are hated around the world- democracy, tolerance and women's rights is a home run, by Sarah Palin.

13. Biden's response, "Did not. Did not." Telling.

14. Biden is becoming shrill.

15. The what-if-you-become-prez-thru-assasination question came up. It just seems so tacky to even ask the question.

Oh, wait was it racist for me to say that?

16. In the answer why is Biden running against Bush? Bush is not running.

17. She's happy and smiling and he's grim and forbidding, even in Home Depot apparently (?)and so very disapproving. I feel like a teenager that has stayed out too late and has to come home to Daddy Biden.

18. "Doggone it!" on education. They told her to be herself and she just was.

19. The Vice President joke- America is falling in love with Sarah Palin.

20. Taking on my own party- good strong message. For both of them.


Anonymous said...

After that kidergarten show of rhetoric, and bumper sticker tissue of stale, "Godblessamerica" mantras, I am strengthed in my disgust for this dreary evangelical - she represents everything I despise in this neo-con dominated political field.

Mary, I have nothing but respect and admiration for you as a sister in Christ.
But I simply cannot fathom what is your seemingly fanatical and (almost) obsessive approval of this Pentecostal?


Lily said...

You will want to read this post :-)

I think you will enjoy this one!

Anonymous said...

i have to agree. I thought she sounded like a little bit of an airhead. I was lamenting the fact that I haven't been able to follow the election and then on Thursday I realized that there hasn't been anything to follow.