Monday, October 06, 2008

Obama : Let the Little Children Come Unto him

The setting looks like a public school library.

But I think this next video is even more enlightenting.

This message from Kenyan cannot be embedded- that option has been disabled. It's short but I think there is an important message here. Here's the link:

And something more contemporary.

It's just wonderful to see how Obama has inspired the youth isn't it?


Anonymous said...

Obama is a dork.
Not a dangerous, apocalyptic dork (he's not cunninigly intelligent enough for that), merely your common, garden variety dork.

But he's very good at what he does - being a dork, that is -
and so he's very much in tune with our modern culture (or lack thereof).
Is it any wonder that these little gremlins are starving for something even remotely 'spiritual', for lack of a better adjective?

"...rootless, hopeless, Godless and lost."


Anonymous said...

Ah,no Edward...Obama is no dork...dark and evil yes, but no dork. He even has you fooled as to just how dangerous he is. His first objective , so he states, is to make sure every woman will have the right to terminate any pregnancy that she wants to, even to the point of birth(and beyond). That is a so intrincically evil, I don't think any other issue compares. I know evil when I see, taste or smell it...he is evil. If we do not band together as Catholic men and women to eradicate this evil via the ballot box, the blood of many babies will be on our hands. Grace Rock

Anonymous said...

Anyone else think of the part in Napoleon Dynamite where he sings and does the hand motions to "some say love" after the first one. Then the second one made me think of Hitler's Youth and the third one made me think that if I ever had children like that I'd have to shoot myself. In all it left me feeling a little sick and like maybe it wouldn't have been so bad if the South had won.

Madeline said...

As I was driving through Milford, NH on Sunday, the center of the roundabout in the middle of town had been taken over by obamaniacs, banging the bongos, shaking the marracas, and ringing the tamborines. The tie-dyed shirts, hippie beards, and hysterical chanting completed my transportation back in time to the sixties and seventies. And I couldn't help but thing, ah, the irony of "Change"...

Anonymous said...

It is so funny how paranoid you religious folk are. He is going to win, and then he will elect the proper judges to the supreme court. I can't wait to watch the crying from the "god loving right." It will be sweet!!!!

Madeline said...

Dear Anonymous;

After reading your comment I was wondering if you are as honest as you appear (under the cloak of anonymity - LOL!) or if you're one of the hypocritical left who like to talk about "tolerance" and "unity" while harboring malicious intentions towards anyone who doesn't agree with you. If you're an honest to goodness (no pun intended... well, maybe a little) God-hater, then there's hope for you. If you're one of the self-righteous deluded dupes that thinks you're about to usher in the "age of aquarius," then I'm a little more worried for you.

Regardless, read your history. Christians have historically been oppressed, tortured and killed by your kind, and it's only increased our Faith, and brought Grace into the world. Ironically, the more you try to "make us weep" the more joy it brings. You wouldn't understand. If you'd like to stop being filled with so much rage and hate, I suggest you talk to a priest, accept God's love for you, and learn to forgive.

If you'd like to continue to wallow in the mire of hate, self-pity and (you probably won't believe this, but) self-loathing, then by all means remain ignorant. For my part, I wish you all the best.

Anonymous said...


I agree that Obama may very well win.
And although I may be categorized as one of those "religious folk" (whatever that means, as everyone is religious - your god, for example, is yourself, so I suspect you are thus DEEPLY religious), I would not mind his defeating McCain/Palin, as I fear them far and away more than Obama.

He's just what this republic deserves, and he will, at least, make the change into the new socialism - which is imminent and inevitable - a little easier for the starry-eyed American dream Protestant set to swallow.

After all, they and the Americanist neo-Caths have been asking for it since the foundig of this Masonic experiment in '76.
And now it is finally at thee door.