Monday, February 20, 2006

Cardinal Pell, Down Under Attack

Cardinal Pell is being called the new Eichmann (the Nazi who was responsible for killing the Jews) for not teaching moral relativism, I mean "freedom of moral conscience". A group of liberal pseudo Catholics have filed a complaint with, get this, The Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith.

Concerned? Worried? Sleepless?

Cardinal Pell is laughing it off.


Tradcatholic said...

Good article! Cardinal Pell's critics state:"The group maintains the cardinal's position places personal conscience and truth as taught by the church in opposition to each other, and is "caricaturing any claim to the primacy of conscience as a rejection of the church's teaching".

Well, he DOES and it ISN"T-

One must follow his/her conscience, but...and here is the kicker...the conscience must be formed and in accord with the truth. These opponents of Pell (and by definition opponents of the Church) must hold that conscience is how you FEEL about the situation at hand... an age-old error of those who want their own way. Why don't these critics just become Baptists and be 'saved' and 'nice' to everyone,and show 'love' and forget the details of Truth and stop pestering the Cardinal. Don't they know they don't have a RIGHT to be wrong?

Thomas Shawn said...

primacy of "conscience"? How about the primacy of Christ the King and his Dominion over all Creation.

Thomas Shawn said...

As fans used to shout during his rugby playing days, "Give 'em hell, Pell!"