Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Jesuits Sell part of Shrine of the North American Martyrs

I can't tell you how strange I find it that the company that purchased land (76 acres) and a 63,000 square foot building, which was originally part of the Shrine of the North American martyrs cannot be found on the internet. Anywhere.

It is called The American Sports Committee, Inc and is based in New York City. The article about the sale gives more information here. I wouldn't have thought it possible that any NYC based company would be without a website.

While it is a real shame that the land has been sold at all it is of even more concern what the land will be used for. Are the Jesuits short of money?

A representative of the company, Jennie Wong said the land will be used to: "promote various kinds of sports and exercise programs that will enhance personal health through a holistic approach."

It doesn't take much imagination to realize that "holistic health" is a code word for New Age spirituality. May the souls of St. Isaac Jogues, St. Rene de Goupil and St. Kateri Tekawitha haunt them if they intend such mischief!

For a beautiful website about the shrine sponsored by the Willa Cather devotees you can go here.


Tradcatholic said...

The Jesuits may/may not be short of money, but they are certainly short on Faith and Catholic sense!! Your wish that the good saints of Auriesville 'haunt' the new agers coming to the Auriesville property might better be directed to the weak Jesuits who sold the place for thirty pieces of silver in the first place.

(HAUNTING would be replaced by RAIN FIRE ON THEIR HEADS on my wish list!)

Thomas Shawn said...

My guess is that the Jesuits need the money not for the expenses of seminarians but of funerals.

M. Alexander said...

How insightful- my uncle is buried at Auriesville.