Monday, February 13, 2006

Brokeback Propaganda

I've resisted blogging about this b/c it is just so distateful. Not such the topic of the movie, not just the awards being heaped on this flick and not just the way that what- should-be-normal people who should know better are going to see it and admitting it but the way it is an attempt to destroy the culture through the promotion of perversion.

This is the best essay I've read on the movie.

Some highlights:

No discernment:

In a society that is purposely and effectively dumbed down, the rarest and most valuable of commodities is discernment. Increasingly crucial, discernment is an attribute of astute acumen, and vital as your enemy uses crafty subtlety. As a people, we have lost discernment. Logic, rational and intellectual discourse, are shunned from the public square. Feelings, emotional sentiment and compassion are no longer tempered with intelligent reason. Now truth is sacrificed on the altar of "tolerance".

Not too surprising:

First and foremost, I,ve yet to hear anyone mention how boring this film is. It's tediously long and in most parts just plain dull.

How marriage is portrayed:

Every time marriage is depicted in the film, it is shot in a tiny dark squalid hovel, with screaming children and absolute pandemonium. The house is a mess, the wife never communicates on any kind of meaningful level. Wives in fact, are portrayed as a constant annoyance, and more irritating than understanding. But children receive the worst treatment in this slanted rant against family. They are usually crying, often two at a time, or smashing things, the general feeling the film presents, is that these joyless hellions are an intrusion into life, an encumbrance and a terrible burden.

What women think:

So what about the "love, is this really a film about love? Having spoken to a lot of women about this film, I can tell you, they think it is. "Oh, it's a true love story. they pine. A married woman told me, "Because it's about two men it's much more interesting, a man and a woman would be banal."

What's next:

Yaoi is a massive multi-million dollar subculture providing young girls with comic books and animated films depicting gay romantic love between handsome boys, culminating in explicit hard core homosexual pornography. The tide of this material represents a generation of girls whose misdirected sexuality is being warped in an unnatural direction. Traveling extensively, I warn you this epidemic is rampant throughout Europe, Russia, Asia, and now making heavy inroads into the Americas. Parents have no idea what their young girls have tucked under their mattresses, or hidden in closets and computers. Scores of websites are devoted to young girls fiction describing their fantasies of young men in popular music, tv, film, etc, all engaged in romantic "love and gay sex

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Anonymous said...

This is the most disturbing review of this movie I have seen. Though the original one that the USCCB had was disturbing, but that was for it's positive tone. Truely ill.

Far as the rest. I see it as an end run around the parent's. I have a 12 year old girl and I am constantly asking and watching what she is reading and watching. There is no expectation anymore that the publishers will keep adult subjects away from children. Gee, one more moral crisis for a parent to worry about!

WriteWingNut said...

Ugh....this movie makes me want to throw up every time I see it previewed on television. No big surprise that it won so many Hollywood awards either.