Friday, February 03, 2006

Rap, Rebellion and Bourgeosis Youth

Here's the so-called controversial cover of Rolling Stone. Yawn.

I think it has become almost a given that when no one is paying attention to your "artistry" you try to stir up some interest by doing something to provoke or incite.
The only problem is that it's hard to care that much about Rap, Kanye West or Rolling Stone.

Jonah Golberg has an interesting take on why Kanye West's controversial Rolling Stones cover isn't really so controversial after all. It's all here and maybe some of the bourgeosis youth will read it and realize they've been had.


Madeline said...

This fits in so well with Newsweek's story on the round-table discussion, with the directors of this years Oscar nominated films. Not surprisingly, these directors were recognized for their "courage" and "vision" in directing anti-american propaganda films or films about gay cowboys. For a really good laugh, check out the whole story here:

But, I wanted to point out some of my favorite quotes:

GEORGE CLOONEY: But on the other hand, I'll wager that every one of our films, when you first tested it with an audience, tested much lower than after it was reviewed. Sometimes people need reviews to explain what a film is, to put it into some sort of perspective.

ME :) - So, we need someone else's opinion (the ever qualified film critic!) to tell us what our opinions shoudl be.

STEVEN SPIELBERG: I think we all have been given our marching orders ... Maybe I shouldn't get into this. [Pause] I just feel that filmmakers are much more proactive since the second Bush administration. I think that everybody is trying to declare their independence and state their case for the things that we believe in. No one is really representing us, so we're now representing our own feelings, and we're trying to strike back.

ME :) - That's right. The ever silent Hollywood types. If only they had the money, or the fame, or the .... er. Well, if only someone would ... Oh, you know what I mean!

ANG LEE: I didn't know they would take a position of deliberate quietness, so that they wouldn't [inadvertently] promote the movie.

ME :0 - This was in response to a question as to why his gay cowboy movie didn't generate more uproar. Well, well, well... so they've discovered our little plot of "deliberate quietness" have they? Hmmm, and I thought referring to it as "DQ" would have confused them into thinking we meant "Dairy Queen." Blast! Oh well. The jig is up.

All in all, they just can't understand why we're not responding to them, anymore. For one thing, we can't be coerced into paying $15.00 to watch their tirades against America, Catholicism, etc. For another thing, it's the same old thing. It's funny how they think they're being revolutionary and daring by pandering to their own biases.


Thomas Shawn said...

Isn't Kanye the idiot that started saying the President hated black people.

Perhaps Kanye will be performing at the Demoncrat National Convention?