Thursday, February 16, 2006

The Cartoons: A Real Riot

This is my favorite of all the cartoons (there are 14) that are causing the protests, rioting and unrest in the Muslim world. You can see them all on Michelle Malkin's site.
And CNN has a roundup of the latest riots- 40,000 in Pakistan chanting "God is Great" or "Allah Akbar"

It's a wonder, isn't it that you couldn't get 40,000 Muslims to protest an honor killing or an act of terrorism that took an innocent life?

Some newspapers have decided not to run the cartoons out of fear for the lives of their staff. It had crossed my mind that this might earn me a fatwah, which is pretty much one of my publishing goals.

That, and someday being nominated for the Catholic Blog Awards. My favorite nominee is Donegal Express for the weird, odd X-files, Twin Peaks type of humor by a Traditionalist. Don't miss his FIQs or frequently imagined questions.

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Tradcatholic said...

Actually, this is my favorite one, especially because it is not fiction but truth:


This picture is of an early Renaissance fresco in Bologna's Church of San Petronio, created by Giovanni da Modena and depicting Mohammed being tortured in Hell.


A wife scolding a drunken Mohammed.

Maybe these terrorists don't want pictures of Mohammed because the world will find out what he was really like!!!

Thanks for the links, Mary.