Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Jackson Cleared, No Obstacles, No Worries

Now I guess we are left hoping that somehow Michael Jackson will turn down this career opportunity.

With thanks from the Curt Jester:

"Yesterday, Father Giuseppe Moscati, of the Millennium Music Society, which specialises in church music and organises musical events at the Vatican, reluctantly confirmed the details.

Fr Moscati said: "We have the rights for the 24 prayers written by Pope John Paul.

"We had hoped the fact that we have been in contact with Michael Jackson would remain a secret. But sadly it has leaked out ahead of time. We are in discussions and trying to sort it out."

Fr Moscati dismissed Jackson's controversial past and insisted it was no barrier to him working with the Catholic Church. The priest said: "He was cleared and found not guilty by a jury.

"Michael Jackson is very interested in this project - we shall see what happens."

Strange that this was being arranged "secretly". N'est-ce pas?


WriteWingNut said...

Oh geez. That is so not good. We seriously need to get an offical PR person for the church. What were they thinking?!!! As if the church didn't have enough scandal surrounding the child abuse issue, they go and work with a child secret?!! UGH!!

Tradcatholic said...

Tradcatholic said...
Is is possible not to put scary pictures on your opening page - it frightens the children!!!!

I wonder what the words to the 'songs' written by JPII are that attrack the likes of Jako -

I rather like this one:

So many grew round me, through me,
from my self, as it were.
I became a channel, unleashing a force
called man.
Did not the others crowding in, distort
the man that I am?
Being each of them, always imperfect,
myself to myself too near,
he who survives in me, can he ever
look at himself without fear?

read poems at web site:

I hope all of the web site came through this time!