Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Caveat Emptor in Chicago

The situation in Chicago has continued to deteriorate for Cardinal George. This past Sunday saw a prominent pastor call for his resignation from the pulpit.

A new policy to address a report of abuse by a priest is announced by the Chancellor of the Archdiocese and that is to "announce an investigation is going on". This will allow the priest to continue. The Chancellor likened it to a police officer who is given a desk job while being investigated for shooting someone. (In the analogy the police officer usually has his gun taken away in the meantime.) The Archdiocese tried "monitoring" and that didn't work so now they will publicly announce the investigation and then I guess it's Caveat Emptor. So if your child is abused after "the big announcement" you'll get less money when you get to sue. I guess. This is what we call progress.

But how about REMOVING THE PRIEST FROM MINISTRY? Which is what I thought the Dallas Charter of 2002 advised, suggested, or counselled but apparently didn't require.

Unlike Ben Roethlisburger, Cardinal George is not going to Disneyland. Is he going to Rome a la Cardinal Law? Stay tuned.

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Thomas Shawn said...

I sense a chauffer, a $5000/mo stipend and a Vatican apartment in the Cardinal's future.

Similar arrangements were made for Generals in Saddam Hussein's army by US operatives.

The thinking being: better to just buy people off and shut them up.