Sunday, February 19, 2006

Water: the Key to Love & Perfect Health

When I first read this the cynic in me thought that this company was a scam.

But after visiting their website.... and listening to the music I think they may be on to something.

Something beautiful.


Tradcatholic said...

Really! What a find! How much of this 'infused' water did you buy? Let us know if it works for you, please.

M. Alexander said...

We are awaiting the Perfect Wealth product and as soon as it becomes available we will be happy to send you a case with our best compliments!

Madeline said...

I work in the bottled water industry, and I'm sooo sorry to say that we haven't yet developed a test to measure the spirituality of the water. One of my colleagues suggested placing a circular chart on the floor, and spinning the bottle to see which way it pointed: "Very positive energy," "somewhat positive energy," "neutral," "somewhat negative energy," "very negative energy." So, we're going to market this test to this bottler at about $25.00/test (I think every case should be tested!).

The shame of it is, how do we prevent the shipping company employees from swearing and cursing around the case, when it's too heavy to lift? Sure, the water may be happy when it leaves the bottled water plant, but until it's actually delivered, who knows the evil influences??

That's what you get for trying to bring a little bit of joy and sunlight into the world. Oh sigh.


Tradcatholic said...

Madeline, you are soooo negative! You can help your water to be happy ALL THE TIME by including a bottle of the 'Water of Life' in each case, seal it well from the light,and send it on it's way. I know that this sounds like something the Gnostics - them that raise trees of knowledge and life and all-would do, but it will work. Works better if you take a drink of it too - trust me, I know.

N.B "water of life"=
"uisce beatha" (is-ka-ba-ha) in Irish, and "whiskey" in English.

Thomas Shawn said...

Are they going to brew a beer with this fine water? I'll take a six pack though I'm sure it is nowhere as good as the can of Naragansett I just polished off.