Friday, February 03, 2006

Do You Ever Wonder....

If some of the new moves to the hard right by the bishops in the United States aren't bold faced career opportunism. With the new Pope, not exactly known for his liberalism or tolerance of such, I sometimes wonder why Bishops who have been in office many years, presiding over all sorts of regrettable diversity and pastoral sensitivity are suddenly finding the gumption to shake things up. I'm not complaining, mind you, but only wondering.


WriteWingNut said...

Good question! If that's what it takes, then so be it!

Tradcatholic said...

I find it pathetic and downright frightening that "hard right" according to the article includes:

1)concentrating on NFP as the Church teaches in marriage prep

2)investigating of why all the Catholics in the diocese don't go to Mass on Sunday

3)accountablity of teachers of the Faith with all "being on the same page theologically"

4)appointing an "orthodox" priest directing the seminary

All these should be taken as 'given' in a Catholic diocese. Real "hard right" would be:

1) concentrating on God's gift of children in marriage prep with NFP for serious situations

2)asking "why are the people going to Mass dressed like beachbums"?

3)Why is the "page" the teachers are on NOT the teaching of the Catholic Faith??

4)What should we do with the priests already out there from the previously lax seminary?

These policies will bring the diocese in from Left Field, but only to center field. It is a long way to Home Plate.

Tom said...

"Hard right" is a relative term and it seems to be coming from athiest liberals so I don't worry about it.

It may be time for American Catholics to start acting like Roman Catholics.

Fidelity to Roman Catholicism is the best evangelical tool.

Anonymous said...

These would be the same people who were "shocked" that Pope Benedict was elected. Like it was amazing that the Church actually would elect a Catholic to be pope.

For these folks "Hard Right" would also be actually

1) encouraging and nurturing the return to Gregorian Chant.

2) Using Latin in the Novus Ordo Mass as was originally envisioned by Paul VI.

3) All Nuns and religous actually required to wear their clerical attire

4) Actually encouraging Confession before communion.