Saturday, May 19, 2007

Castle for Sale

In Great Barrington, Massachusetts. The castle is set on 90 acres and is in the heart of the Berkshires, New England's playground of the rich and famous. The price tag is $15 million. It has 36 fireplaces, lots of beautiful marble and most importantly a dungeon. No indication about whether or not there is a ghost in residence. We must hope.

I was surprised to find that there are other "Searle" Castles in the area- one in Windham, NH pictured below. The Castle is currently operated as an event locale and owned by the Sisters of Mercy. At one time the Sisters operated a College but the building was in need of such extensive repairs they moved the college. With the help of grants, and donations of talent and materials by interior designers the castle has been restored to its current grandeur.

And one in Methuen, Massachusetts. Seen here:

According to a Methuen Historical website the property is still used by the Sisters of the Presentation of Mary:

1957 the 74 room " Searles castle" was sold to the Sisters of the Presentation of Mary for $160,000. The Presentation of Mary Academy and convent now occupies this site and the Searles Chapel is known as Our Lady of Sacred Heart. The St. Claire Residence, named for Mother Claire D'Assise, was built in 1958, the new Academy wing in 1962, and the new Provincial House in 1985.

So it seems only right that the Great Barrington castle be purchased by a Religious order. I have a few in mind and I'll have to forward the listing to them.