Wednesday, May 09, 2007

"Life is a Gift not a Threat" , Pope Benedict

The Pope, on the plane to Brazil, gives his support to Mexican Church officials who are threatening excommunication for politicians who are supporting abortion.

While this is a "Duh moment" for most of us there are a lot of "Catholics" in this country who do not get it. Starting with the Bishops. Then there are the Catholic politicians who support abortion and find priests and bishops who are falling all over themselves to support them, endorse their candidacies and formally cooperate in their evil.

And wouldn't that quote make an excellent bumper sticker? I'll have to send it into production along with my other favorite, "Overpopulation and Overconsumption: these are my core values". Best expressed on an SUV or 15 passenger van.


Edward said...

Here's another idea for a bumper sticker that I had a few years ago, in answer to that stupid one which read: "Against abortion? Don't have one!"

Mine would read: "Against shooting abortionist providers? Don't shoot one!"

And here's a real gem that someone told me about one time. I LOVE this one: "Angry? Frustrated? Need a weapon? Try the Rosary."

Is that a hoot or what?

M. Alexander said...

They're all great!

Why not go to and sell some!

Anonymous said...

Recently there was an article linked on Drudge about a clinic in TX that found an explosive device. After I read the article, I saw that comments could be posted and I posted, "I am personally opposed to bombing abortion clinics, but I don't want to force my values on anyone else." That didn't make it through the editing process.

Madeline said...

PGR - are you really "personally opposed?" - LOL!