Monday, May 07, 2007

Liberation Theology is a Singular Heresy

As the Pope prepares to travel to Brazil the New York Times has a piece on the strength of Liberation Theology and its hold on Brazil. Ostensibly, at the service of the "poor" it is really thinly disguised Marxism.

And since Marxism has worked out so well in Russia, Cuba and North Korea, well you get the idea.

Interesting fact from the article- Brazil is home to HALF of the World's Catholics. Incredible.

Now that's efficiency. In just one trip the Pope will visit half is flock.

The article.

There will be a canonization.

Somebody did their homework-
Blog with all the information on the Pope's trip.

John Allen's article
which mentions the hemoraging of Catholics to the heresy of Pentecostalism and the problem of not enough vocations in Brazil.

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