Tuesday, May 22, 2007


What has brought me to this point?

Two night shifts at a job that is an awful lot of aggravation for not much money

Teaching my daughter to drive a standard transmission

Being up so late last night that I slept in my clothes

Having company that I enjoyed talking with so much I stayed up late to talk because that was more fun than going to bed

Having my husband out of town on business for two weeks

A kitchen half painted, with wallpaper half stripped and flooring half torn up

The realization that there are only 11 days left of school and wondering if we will make it

Plans, schemes and adventures beckoning with never enough time to indulge in them

A diet that has produced nothing but hunger, lightheadedness and the realization that at my age I must eat this little ….to weigh this much.

Very busy toddlers who can play outside, empty cabinets, write on themselves with permanent markers, spill their drinks, trample just planted flowers, sneak out of the house, refuse to eat, jump in mud puddles and generally create delightful havoc

Suffering the news that a dear family friend has cancer and she is young

Watching the price of gas creep higher and higher and wondering how much longer it will climb?

Being immensely proud of your children and knowing that the toughest years are ahead. Dreading the mistakes they will inevitably make and the suffering they will undergo and knowing that you will be helpless to make it all go away.


Petrus said...

Sounds like you need to read the post on Perseverence - LOL.

And sorry for being part of the late night escapades - but they sure were fun.

a new fan said...

I'll pray an Ave for you today.

Edward said...

I'm sorry things are tough for you, Mary.
Of course, I avoid all this by merely being ineffectual, inconsistent and irresponsible.

Perhaps there are "baby drop-off" places nereby that are designed for older kids as well? Some sort of larger unit that you can cram a kid over two in?
Especially teenage girls.

I wish there was for my 'Katie Ka-Boom'.
The trunk of the car just isn't panning out the way I wished.
No matter how loud the radio, you can still hear her.

M. Alexander said...

Edward you always make me laugh.

Perhaps a trade- your wife can take the toddlers and I will take the teenagers- temporarily of course.

Today things are better. The caffeine is flowing and I'm determined to do as little as possible.

Sanctus Belle said...

Wow, you're life mimics mine in many ways! Except I don't have toddlers anymore...those times are sadly over for me.

I can especially relate to the wallpaper half stipped off - I'm avoiding dealing with my kitchen nightmare. Picture this: bright orange 70's paint under bad 80's coffee cup wallpaper (background screaming)

I also dread my kids being young adults, waaay too many pitfalls waiting for them.

Oh and best of all - I've tagged you for the latest in the scourge of memes - sorry!

Jamie Carin and Claudio Romano said...


Well at least you know spending all evening amusing me this weekend was time well spent. You know I am SOOOO worth it!!

BTW you definitely should stop the diet and eat more chocolate. You look beautiful and healthy and certainly NOT like you need to lose even an ounce!

Praying for the continued lovliness, faithfullness, fun lovingness, and innocence of your children...and for your peace of mind.


genevieve said...

Oh my your life sounds so similar to mine--today is a bad one.

And the caffeine just turns me into a monster!!

I swear these children better turn out the right way!!!!

M. Alexander said...

Dear Genevieve-

Exactly right! I can feel the sermons coming on now- "Do you know what I've sacrificed for you!?" LOL


Rebecca Urban said...

Hi Mary,

I just wanted to comment and say keep up the good work! You are one of my heroes. Really. It's so important for us young Catholic moms see beautiful women who are truly walking the walk :-) You're an inspiration to others, and all of your hard work does NOT go unnoticed :-)

God Bless,