Wednesday, May 09, 2007

I Wonder if....

...Pope Benedict will be travelling to Campos, Brazil or if he will be receiving Bishop Rifan?

A little background on who Bishop Rifan is and the Society of St. John Vianney

If you read portugese that is but Wikipedia as a bit of information too.

Since the reconciliation I've heard almost nothing about Bishop Rifan and how the Society is doing.


Edward said...

The recources you provided were very informing. I had no idea what a long struggle was involved here.
We are able to see herein how staunch fidelity to the Holy Faith is, however, in the end vidicated by Our Lord through the (albeit imperfect) administrative machinations of His church.
God bless the orthodox faithful of Campos for a witness!

M. Alexander said...

Here's a book about the struggle that is very moving. It is written by David Allen White.

Maynardus said...

If you look very carefully in the online photos of the Pope's trip, you can clearly see Bishop Rifan in the 99th row. The episcopal conference is keeping him as far away as possible, Milingo the Moonbat would probably get a bettr seat if he suddenly showed-up.

But Il Papa will have the last laugh...