Wednesday, May 09, 2007

The Killing Fields,

90% of Babies diagnosed with Down's Syndrome are aborted.

(because if I can't have a perfect child I'll just kill it)

Guiliani donates to Planned Parenthood.

(and in spite of being personally opposed too)

Couples kills two of their IVF babies and are proud of it

(and the problem is the Supreme Court, a huh)

U.K. Clinic to screen for cosmetic defects

(like hair color)


Edward said...

And the really obscene part of this is that the Down Syndrome is "detected" by testing the fluid (what is that test called? Amniosentesis or something like that) from the womb, a test which I learned several years ago from the great Dr. Wilke (?) is neither necessary, advisable nor in any way efficient as to its ability to actually determine much of anything that's going on in there.
Another big fat lie.

Of course, in saying this I am IN NO WAY justifying the deliberate doing to death of a handicapped child, even when this can be determined.
You know that.

Madeline said...

The article about the couple killing two of their children in-utero is absolutely chilling. That man is insane.

M. Alexander said...

Who, Madeline?

Edward or the so-called "father" in the article?

Edward said...

Where'd that come from, Mary?

M. Alexander said...

Just a little joke. Which I thought someone as witty as yourself would appreciate.

My apologies if your feelings were hurt.

Edward said...

Well you know how HYPERSENSITIVE I am.

But I forgive you.

M. Alexander said...

My relief is immeasureable.

I should say that Madeline is my sister and we often discuss the characters who comment on this blog. I am afraid that she fears you are not who you say you are but are some nefarious character.

I was really making fun of her. Her paranoia is notorious within the family.

Edward said...

Oh, THAT Madeline.
Yes, well, of course I know all about her.
As most of us do here.

And yes, Madeline, I am - well, perhaps not so much "nefarious" as, shall we say, 'dubious'.

And of course I intend to have all of you come to some harm at my earliest possible convenience.


Steve said...


You've trained your eight children in the fine art of shooting, right?

I wanted to comment on the Down's syndrome bit (I haven't read any of the articles you linked yet). According to a recent article in the New Oxford Review (March, I think) the incidence of false positives on the Down's Syndrome test is about 6%. The actual occurrence of Down's Syndrome is about 0.5%, if memory serves.

That means that 5.5% of pregnancies with a positive result for Down's Syndrome are NOT down's Syndrome Cases.

But it's better to kill them, I suppose, just to be sure.

Madeline said...

Initially, I was referring to the Father in the article as being insane. However, after reading subsequent comments, let me say that I certainly don't exclude anyone else from that category...

Petrus said...

A coworker of mine related how her sister got pregnant with triplets using IVF. The sister wanted to go ahead with the triplets, but her family convinced her that three was too many, so she killed the third baby. Within a year of giving birth to the survivors, the sister was pregnant again. My coworker said, "the third baby came back and my sister was really relieved."

Now, when you look at the statistics and think, these people must be crazy - they are. So much killing and carnage does drive them crazy, and they create fantasy lands to justify their murder.

Its horrifying.