Sunday, May 27, 2007

Marriage: You Exist to Inspire

A friend sent me this acrostic.

On the Occasion of a 50th Wedding Anniversary

Matrimony, a Sacrament of God's love
Acquiescing to His Holy Will.
Requiring love and commitment
Resplendent with consanguineous joy
In sickness and in health
Agape, and leading your spouse to
God. You exist to inspire achievement of
Everlasting happiness in heaven.

written by Mrs. Gina Mateer


Gina said...

You do me a great honor. Thank you. You also give me a great idea on how to present the poem, matted with a wedding photo on top and the poem underneath. Very simple. Maybe I'll have my eldest dd write it out in calligraphy, for an even more personal touch.

bethalice said...

I want Gina to write something on my blog!!!! LOL! For that matter, I want you to too - how about a "guest spot"? Come on over and class the place up! LOL