Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Sex Offenders' Rights Violated

Action taken against myspace members who are sex offenders. They are (gasp!) having their profiles deleted.

What about their civil rights?

They've paid their debt to society.

Next their homes will be burnt and the poor sex offenders will be in danger of lynchings!

In response to this terrible outrage I propose that all sex offenders be placed in protective custody- their local jail- for their own protection.

That would solve so many problems all at once.


Sara said...

Personally, I think all sex offenders should be castrated. It's the punishment that fits the crime, is it not?

M. Alexander said...

While I agree that would be better than the current system, someone once told me that even a castrated sex offender can still violate another person.

Obviously a sex offender should be executed as quickly as possible.

Edward said...

"Next their homes will be burnt and the poor sex offenders will be in danger of lynchings!"

Dare we hope?
But just to make sure they're dead, when cut down it also would be best to deliver a conditional 'coup de grace' with a pistol, and put one or two in the head.

Oh, and make sure the body is covered with LOTS of lime after it is dumped in the shallow hole wherein it belongs.

That should just about do it, I think.:D

Anonymous said...

since when did all men are created equal become all men we beleive to be law abiding are created equal? yes castration would work because it lowers their sex drive. but they need to let the poor people live their damn lives. they've paid their debt.

Anonymous said...

I agree with the above poster: People need to be treated equally whether "law abiding" or not, especially when the crime in question is not completely understood, nor ruled out as a disease. Castration wouldn't work, as pointed out by M. Alexander, and Megan's Law causes unforeseen problems as well: making it illegal for a convicted offender to live within 500 feet of anywhere children gather etc is only pushing them further from the city into the country where there is arguably more access to unsupervised children/potential victims. Read up about Washington states approach to sex offenders and their success rates with recidivism: rather than pushing sex offenders out and alienating them further, WA tries to integrate them back into the community and give them a sense of personal and community responsibility rather than ostracism.