Saturday, April 07, 2007

Confessions of an Unrepentant Church Shopper

National Review Online article by Jennifer Graham.

For those of us who have not been to a Novus Ordo Mass in years. I offer this as a reminder of why we drive hours, with kids in tow, arrive 30-45 minutes early to get a seat (one hour early for Midnight Mass), and endure the judgment of family and friends who have determined us "schismatic" and "elitist" and "overly critical" for going to the Latin Mass.


Susan Westberg said...

I think its great! Your children will learn such an appreciation of the old mass. I sure wish we had such a church in our state--we would vote with our feet too. Happy Easter!

lex Orandi lex Credendi said...

to susan
What state has NO Tridentine Latin Mass? I was under the impression that they all had some Mass available. Maybe you could start a search - sometimes there are priests who say the TLM privately - that is- not at the congregations Mass. Others may attend if they know about it. Also, ask your local bishop to get off the pot...not in those exact words, of course, but respectfully. You never know what you can start. Prayers for your hunt!

Anonymous said...

You aren't schismatic for going to Latin Mass. You are schismatic for going to SSPX.

NCTradCatholic said...

Anonymous said... "You are schismatic for going to SSPX."

Actually, the Holy Father's President of the Ecclesia Dei Commission disagrees with you:

Anonymous said...

'What state has NO Tridentine Latin Mass?'


Edward said...

I KNOW there are better reasons than those which this particular article prosecutes.
I was involved in the the whole Prayer Book battle in the Church of England for some time, and I can identify this type of complainer.
She's simply "high church", Mary, that's all. And if it were suggested that this 'kind' of Catholicism for which she pines so eloquently were to be "lived" in toto, and not merely "experienced" regularly as a Sabbath morning, put-on-your-Sunday-best "service", I'll wager she would regard you as disdainfully as she did the GameBoy set.
I sense she represents that high-church element of the whole pan-Traditionalist movement to which current bishops and bureauracy would most easily cater and willingly oblige.
They simply don't represent a 'threat' to the Modernist establishment; and which is probably why the Pontiff himself is willing to throw them a bone.

REAL Trads don't wait for Holy Mass in the Roman Rite to be given us as crumbs from the table. Like Archbishop Lefebvre, we simply take it.
As is our God-given right!

Oh, and anonymous!
Is that Jimmy Akin? Is that who you are?
For that sounds like one of the INCREDIBLY ignorant responses that Modern American Catholic/Evangelical would make.
Heck, I can tell that much, and I'm not even a supporter, much LESS a fan, of that arrogant French Society known as the SSPX.

I will take advantage of their offering my family the Mass, however.

M. Alexander said...

Edward, you may be completely right. But I'll take any and all support wherever I can get it. All we ask for is the Old Mass. What we do with the graces is our responsibility.

National Review Online has become a nest of Traditionalists. It's encouraging.

There are plenty of states w/o a Latin Mass- Vermont is another example.

Calling for the Latin Mass is practically becoming mainstream or in vogue or something. When you see that Amy Welborn has signed the letter asking for the Latin Mass, you know she's trying to stay relevant.

Anonymous said...

I'll take a SSPX, schismatic or not, over a parish run by a priest(s) who ought to be schismatic, yet enjoys the full protection and support of the bishops. Priests who have decided the sacraments are optional are probably schismatic too, yet no one warns the would be faithful.
At any rate, who has time to keep hoping the church gets its act together? That is like saying, "this doctor keeps screwing up my surgeries, but I am hopeful he is learning from his mistakes."

Petrus said...

Dear Anonymous:

"Who has time to hope to keep hoping the Church gets its act together?"

Ummm... I do, because I believe Jesus' promise - The gate of Hell shall not prevail against it.

Thomas Shawn said...

"Calling for the Latin Mass is practically becoming mainstream or in vogue or something."

Thomas E. Woods has such an article in this season's Latin Mass Magazine titled The Old Mass and the Great Thaw - Forbidden Opinions Suddenly Mainstream.

Mary, are you a subscriber?

Anonymous said...

I don't think this blogger is
schismatic for attending an SSPX

However, going to the Saint
Benedict Center in Still River,
Massachusetts MAY INDEED make
one a schismatic:


Richard J. Cushing, Archbishop
of Boston – Decree Regarding
Leonard Feeney, April 18, 1949

Rev. Leonard Feeney, S.J., because
of grave offense against the laws
of the Catholic Church has lost
the right to perform any priestly
function, including preaching and
teaching of religion.

Any Catholics who frequent St.
Benedict’s Center, or who in any
way take part in or assist its
activities forfeit the right to
receive the Sacrament of Penance
and Holy Eucharist.

Given at Boston on the 18th day
of April, 1949.


So, Father Feeney was
excommunicated. In the end, he
may have been brought back into
the Church -- I'm not really
sure what happened.

But if all Catholics are warned
by the Archbishop to stay away
from the Saint Benedict Center,
and this decree has never been
rescinded. . . .

Thoughts, anyone?

By the way: I'm not here to
condemn or point fingers. I
would simply like to understand
the status of the Saint Benedict
Center, and the status of those
who attend their Masses.



M. Alexander said...

Dear Ellen,

I give you credit for asking the question. And if you really want to know the answer you should call the Diocese of Worcester and speak to the Canon lawyer there. You did plenty of research on your own so I'm sure you can find the phone number.

That is if you really want to know and are not just here to criticize and slander.

I guess we'll see if you are a well meaning and honorable person. Or not.

M. Alexander said...

P.S. Like any good lawyer wannabe, I never ask a question that I do not already know the answer to.

M. Alexander said...

I was a subscriber to Latin Mass but I didn't updte the address- thanks for the reminder.

Edward said...

It would seem that Ellen has 'pushed a button', as it were, with you.
Have you a connection with the Center?
Not that I condemn it out of hand.
The recources they offer on their website are phenomenal - stuff you cannot find anywhere else.
They could be a target for the anti-semitism canard, but heck, who CANNOT avoid that very plastic, universal and all-encompassing charge?
I really don't know alot about them, except they seem orthodox, and supposedly fully acknowledge the present Holy Father. If this is so, and add his name in the Canon and pray in union with him, they are NOT schismatic.

M. Alexander said...

Dear Edward,

My children attend the excellent school run by the Sisters and Brothers and we attend Mass there.

I am also very proud that one of my sisters has joined the Slaves of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, Sr. Brigid Mary, MICM.

We had a very lovely visit from the Bishop of Worcester just last year. He said of the visit that he was "delighted".

I can't stop people from condemning the St. Benedict Center ( Their status in the Church is above reproach. But for some people that is not enough and never will be.

Ellen has said that she "would like to understand the status of the center and those who attend Mass there." The place to do that is with the Diocesan authorities- not on a blog.

Edward said...

Fair enough, Madame.
Well, as I wrote, their website is certainly superb - wonderful histories of the Popes! Things I never knew.
As for the rest, well, we started out on the road to Tradition via the sedevacantists - people NOT so above reproach - so if you say they are fine, and YOU mix with them, then I know they must be.

I did hear that Fr. Feeney (may God be good to him) was reconciled to Rome, and thus did he die.
So I guess that ends that.
Oh, and my heartiest compliments to your Sr. sister.
I try to tell my daughters that they won't find a better husband than Our Lord.:)