Monday, April 16, 2007

What the World Needs Now is Condoms...

Rarely do we get such a pat example of how liberals and some men regard women. As objects to be assaulted and used.

Richard Gere was over in India (I wish they had kept him as we have no need of him here) promoting HIV Awareness or whatever they call it to make themselves sound like the humanitarians they are not.

To make some type of point, I guess that he can do whatever he wants to a woman, even publicly, and she will welcome his advances he embraced and dipped back a famous Bollywood actress and kissed her. The Indian people have recognized the colonialist insult and are calling for an apology and are burning Gere in effigy.

Here's the picture:

Now if this shocks you, imagine you are living in India where this is really shocking and man would be arrested if he did this to a woman on the street. Even if he was white. And rich.

And then we read on that the event was to promote condom use for truckers who visit prostitutes at truck stops, contract AIDS and then go home and give it to their wives.

Notice there is no call for fidelity to their wives and marriage commitment. That would be asking far too much of the darkskinned impoverished men of India.

Because if Richard Gere cannot control himself, how can we expect anyone to?

I wonder too that the people of India have forgotten so soon, the advice of Gandhi to use self control and not birth control as he so famously admonished Margaret Sanger.

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Petrus said...

cultural insensitivity at its worst. And we're called intolerant!