Monday, April 30, 2007

A Man's Very Highest Moment..., I have no doubt at all, when he kneels in the dust, and beats his breast and tells all the sins of his life. Oscar Wilde

I was reading about a "Confession website" maintained by a Church. It reminded me of the Post Card website where people send in very poignant post cards and they are posted on line by the moderator of the site. I haven't linked the site because much of it is adult content. And this Mommy blog definitely does not contain adult content.

Especially now that I've moderated my comments.

Anyway, these websites made me think of the way we all need Confession. As the great Fulton Sheen said, it is our privilege and our obligation. Two short articles about Fulton Sheen's thoughts on Confession. Part I and Part II. They're gold.

I'm not necessarily against these websites because I think they may be a first step. And hopefully the second will be Sacramental Confession which is the only way to receive absolution. No one likes going in to Confession but everyone loves the way they feel when they leave and the state of their soul and the utter relief of being forgiven.

Bad experiences: Please don't let this keep you from Confession. It can take a few times to find a good Confessor. Sometimes you may feel put off by the way you are treated. Get over it. Put it behind you. Move on. Some priests have a beautiful gift for Confession and some do not.

One other thing. The priest cannot reveal your sins under pain of excommunication. Be open and enjoy the consolation of forgiveness.


PJP said...

Thanks, Mary. I appreciate the picture you chose, as it depicts they reality of confession as well as the way we should see such a reality with the eyes of faith: the priest in the person of Christ absolving our sins.

I think the impression portrayed (not the reality) shows there is something too human in the new face-to-face "reconciliation room".

Thanks for this important post!

Sanctus Belle said...

Fewer things make me happier than standing in a long line for confession. Its the only line on earth that I enjoy.

Edward said...

What about the line for Holy Communion?:)

Sanctus Belle said...

Edward, you're right, standing in line for communion is great too. But I can't say I "enjoy" it as much because I'm very occupied with praying and trying to prepare myself - I also battle thoughts about not being worthy....but of course that's my own problem!

Edward said...

That really should not be
problem, sanctus belle.
You're not worthy.
No one is.
Not even St. Therese was "worthy" of so great a gift. If she had felt she had to be worthy, she never would have received it. Yet you and I think she was worthier than us, do we not?
So stop worrying about it.

Our Lord knows we take His Body, and indeed He commands us to do so, precisely BECAUSE we are not worthy.

I trust I have made myself obscure enough.