Friday, April 27, 2007

Mother's Day is coming

Mother's Day is coming and I found this nice little binder which would no doubt make an excellent gift for some deserving mother. (Psst. Alexander children please tell your father.)

Here's a picture and you can order the binder here.

The copy states that it has invitations to women of other religions. N.B. Order it for a woman who is not Catholic.


Edward said...

I can't make out the part on the right. Does that read "Orderly Boys"?!
Wow. That right there would be worth the price.

M. Alexander said...

It says "Orderly Days".

Anonymous said...

I met the propieters of the book in Berlin, NJ,and had to talk myself out of ordering one or two, just becuase I liked the people so well. Everyone should order two.

Mr. Fabulous said...

Hmm...just the thing to take care of all your repressive and intolerant needs!

1 PM: Picket abortion clinic
2:30 PM: Stone pregnant teens
5 PM: Neo-Nazi Meet-and Greet
7:30 PM: Cross burning on homosexual's lawn

I'll take five of 'em!

Edward said...

Mr. Fatuus (Fabulous),

Will five be enough? Surely you have more friends who think as you do.
I mean, your agenda there looks pretty gruesome.
Quite a full day.

Better go ahead and get more than five.
Spread them around and maybe you and your cronies will want to find another way to spend your day rather than the mean-spirited manner in which you clearly intend and advertise.

Augusta said...

Thanks for the info! I hope to get one soon! Props to Edward for his classy response to mr. (gag me) fabulous' comment!
I enjoy your blog!