Monday, April 09, 2007

Good Friday Rescue

A Good Friday Rescue.

From Operation Rescue's website

Twenty abortions averted. It's a good start.


Edward said...

I havn't kept current.
I of course applaud and bless the continuing work of Operation Rescue, but I am curious: whatever happened to Randall Terry?
I heard there was of late some scandal attached to his name.
Does anyone know anything about this?
Not that I wish to revel in or disseminate such news, but he was SUCH a giant in the cause, that I should truly grieve to hear of his decline.
The last I heard he was joining the Church.

M. Alexander said...

I wrote something about him a while back. The short of it is Joe Schleider (Pro Life Action Network of Chicago) wrote a book called 99 Ways to Stop Abortion. Randy Terry "invented" rescue. According to Schleidler he must have read the book.

Converted to Catholicism. Marriage situation seems problematic. I was never a big fan.