Tuesday, April 10, 2007

The Good 'Ole' Days

Do you ever long for the days when a priest would not say something like this:

"It's like online sex — it's satisfying in a weird way, I suppose … but the real thing is so much better, why would you want to waste your time on it?" asked Francis Maier, chancellor of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Denver and an avid video gamer."

From this article.

And then there is this comment by the Reverend Francis X. Maier:

Dysfunctional, promiscuous sex is hardly a clerical monopoly. In fact, behind all of the lay outrage over the current sexual misconduct tragedy lies a deep ambiguity in the faith and behavior of Catholic laypeople.

from a talk about the laity.

Dysfunctional, promiscuous sex versus, you know, committed sex between two consenting adults. Morally speaking I'm not sure what the difference is. Without the Sacrament of Marriage either will send you to hell. But only if you believe in hell. That thins the ranks nicely.

Or the conscription of Clarissa Estes, an author admired by goddess worshippers, feminists, lesbians, new agers as a featured speaker at a diocesan event at the invitation of Fr. Maier, Director of Communications for the Diocese of Denver:

"Both Estes and Maier avoided controversy at the convention here. In introducing her, Maier referred in passing to the attention the choice of speaker had attracted. Just before the convention opened, Maier told the Denver Post, "I don't know about this lesbian stuff," but said Estes was well able to reflect what Pope John Paul II has called "the new evangelization." Maier told the Post that Estes appeals to "the heart, the soul, the need to regain our humanity."

You can read the context here.

I miss the good ole days. Yes indeed. Anachronism, where is thy sting?


Anonymous said...

Yeah, but the important thing, Mary, is that they aren't schismatic!

ablondeblogger said...

I remember being taught sex ed in CCD class. So pathetic. Nothing about marriage at all in the class.

Genevieve said...

Just found your site!! I thought the same thing when I saw the articles that contained those awful quotes. What an embarrasment!

Anonymous said...

Mr. Maier is not a priest, though he is the chancellor of the diocese.