Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Syria Invaded

This is unbelieveable.

Speaker of the House, third in line to the Presidency, went to Syria, state sponsor of terror (Al Qaeda, Hezbollah, etc.) to run for President. I mean really, why else is she there?

And I bet the Arabs appreciated the cultural sensitivity Speaker Pelosi showed wearing a mini skirt. Personally I don't mind offending the Arabs when it is called for, when you are standing on principle, but isn't there some etiquette about Grandmothers not wearing miniskirts?

And what happened to her hair? I could never vote for a president with bad hair.

I really don't mind the Democrats making fools of themselves. But when they threaten our national security and consort with terrorists you can't complain that you don't know what you are getting when you vote for them.


hilary said...

She's got pretty nice legs for a baby-eating feminazi grandma.

Edward said...

But Mary, you MUST acknowledge, when criticizing this or any other Muslim nation - and there IS indeed plenty to criticize - one has to look at causes. NOT excuses, mind you; just simple causes - even secondary ones.
In your latest post, you cited countries that were 'targeted', if you will, for that special Western export, birth control and its concommitant abortion.
Except for Nigeria, which has a booming Catholic population (maybe that's why it's on the list, huh?), the other countries were predominantly Muslim.
The Muslim world sees this, and is appalled and justly frightened of the West. We are pushing this crap on them, distorting their societies, and although this is not "what we are all about", it "appears" to be so by them.
This only fuels their hatred. A hatred not based on envy of our material prosperity (as that idiot $%&*#@ Limbaugh would have us think), but based on the sewage that unbridled capitalism would just LOVE to develop in ever increasing markets throughout the Third World.
They may indeed be willing to kill our post-born innocents, but a valid case could be made, I think, for that form of, yes, STATE-sponsored (go back to Kissinger) terrorism which would kill pre-born innocents in lesser developed countries, a significant portion of them being coincidentally Muslim.

M. Alexander said...

I would beg to differ that Nigeria is predominantly Catholic. I believe it is under Sharia law.

Edward said...

Oh. Really?
Well what country am I thinking of then?
And I did not write "predominantly Catholic"; I wrote that this country which I have confused with Nigeria (could it be Kenya?) has a "booming" Catholic population.
That's hopeful at least. If the population controllers don't try to squelch 'em first.
But one thing I have heard about these new African (and I mean the truly ORTHODOX, not the semi-voodoo tag-a-long) Catholics is that they are very devout and full of fervour, steeping themselves in what they perceive to be the correct Rite of the Church of the West.

Anonymous said...

Edward, I find your "explanation" appalling. The Muslim countries do not want happy family life, good hygene, better transportaion, enough food, water and clothing for their people.They want birth rates to go up to populate the world and to take it over! The importation of "western ideas" as well as birth control, abortion not their real concern at all. They live a horrible life and are duplicitious in their so called piety as they hold a knife to their wife or child's throat!They are afraid that if they let their people see there is a way to care for yourself, and your family, decently, loving God and not depending on the "heavenly" reward of 72 Virgins, they will lose their power. Don't fool yourelf into thinking they are clinging on to their way of life because of its ideology. It is plain simple control! There are many things wrong with Western society but there are many things right as well....dont't concentrate on the negative, rejoice in the goodness of Our Lord and the greatness of His people. Pray that the Muslim countries come to know the goodness of Our Lord and Savior. The causes you sight I believe are nonsense. but their intentions are very evil indeed.

M. Alexander said...

Out of curiosity I looked up the % of Catholics in Africa and what I found surprised me.

Lesotho 70%
Congo 50%
Burundi 63%
Nigeria 15%
Uganda 45%
Kenya 28%

I'm not sure about the argument of muslim as prolife comrade. I think their hatred of us goes back to the Crusades and has not abated much. Israel has added salt to the wound.

The reason that there are so many African Catholics and they are so fervent I think has to do with the work of the Holy Ghost Fathers- and Archbishop Lefebrve.

For example look at the rise of the Taliban in Afghanistan- country that we funded in their fight against Russia- and won for them wth the sale of our missiles. Not 20 years later our "allies" are flying planes into our buildings.

Islam is all about domination- worldwide domination. The west stands in the way.

Always interesting to hear your thoughts Edward.

Edward said...


"The Muslim countries do not want happy family life, good hygene, better transportaion, enough food, water and clothing for their people.They want birth rates to go up to populate the world and to take it over!"

Therefore Western population controllers should be given carte blanche to go in and make sure those terrible 'teeming hordes' of as of yet unborn but potentially dangerous future terrorists (and make no mistake about it, when a baby is born in the Muslim world he's gonna be a killer!?) never see the light of day?
Or better yet, let's polute their mothers' system by chemical birth control to assure they are effectively sterilized in the first place?
Ever heard of Thomas Malthus?
Hell let's just send in wings of our local pounds. They do a great job of neutering and putting animals down.
They don't care for their people, so neither should we. Is that it?