Friday, April 27, 2007

More Power to the Priestly People

Since a parish priest got fed up "wandering alleys" and going to people's homes to bless them he has put together a "Do It Yourself Bless Your Own Dang House Kit".

The article is here.

Besides saving the priest a whole lot of time and wandering of alleys it will provide some "quality family time."

From theaticle:

"To find everyone at home it was increasingly necessary to visit homes after dinner, which would have meant months to get to everyone," said Fr Priotto, who is giving away 3,500 home kits containing a picture of Jesus, a prayer to read out and a small bottle of holy water.

Fr Priotto said that even if priests no longer visited homes to carry out the blessing, the use of kits would at least ensure some quality time was spent by parish families.

"It's already something if the family unit can get together for a moment to allow the father to read the prayer and make the sign of the cross with the water, which was pre-blessed the Sunday after Easter," Fr Priotto told La Stampa newspaper.


PJP said...

I could certainly understand if the priest is in the confessional +10 hours a day, like some of the saints, but c'mon.

Priests need the interaction with families and vice versa. It's always a pleasure to have a priest for dinner, after baptisms and such. We at try to get a priest every week or at least every quarter.

Pray for our priests!

PJP said...
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Edward said...

What's next, I wonder.
Drive-Thru confessionals?
Tell your sins on the intercom, receive your penance, then proceed to the window for absolution from the Priest.

I mean, anyone can and should bless their house (preferably every night - WITH holy water).
But the blessing from the Alter Christus...well?
I suppose it is no longer perceived to have the very special quality it used.

In the words of the Wicked Witch of the West: "What a world, what a world!"