Sunday, April 01, 2007

A Modern Day Fairy Tale

(formerly titled Rose Red and Rose White)

My sister first told me about these books and my daughters and I really enjoyed reading them together. Regina Domana is a young author and graduate of Christendom College. She has written 3 modern day fairy tales (and by modern I don't mean Disneyesque) that reference the fairy tales they are based upon. Inspite of my initial disinclination the format really works. Character development is good. Morality is interwoven and not imposed awkwardly. A classic Catholic family is presented and the Faith, good music, literature, poetry, kindness and good works are the goals of the girls' lives.

Though some of the dialogue is awkward and Regina is a young author who would benefit from a really professional editor she has a lot of talent and weaves an exciting tale.

The third book is due this summer and will be self published. I don't know what Bethlehem books was thinking by no longer publishing young adult fiction, like we don't need more of that!

The first two books would make a wonderful Graduation or Confirmation gift. Because of some of the themes presented (I think tastefully and appropriately) it should be for older high school girls. Parents will be the best judge.

You can buy them from Bethlehem books here and you can visit Regina Doman's personal website here and correspond with her. I received a delightful letter from her thought she is a busy mother, writer.

Keep the books coming Baby! We're ready for more.


Elizabeth J. said...

Have you heard of Princes Bubble?
This reminds me of the Princess Bubble book.

M. Alexander said...

How many names do you have now? LOL