Friday, April 27, 2007

Same Sex Couples & the Prom

A Bishop Feehan Catholic High School Student is not permitted to bring another girl to the prom.

She feels this is discrimination because she is bisexual. The article is here.

In the typical "piling on" of the Boston Herald (and this is our "conservative" newspaper!)we learn that this poor, dateless girl, cannot go to the prom with her girl friend.

And what is really over the top is that her "date" cannot even return her brown spaghetti strap dress and brown pumps to Macy's! Oh the injustice. The absolute cruelty.

Notice the ACLU steps in and threatens any other school that tries this with legal action because it "may be illegal".

Not yet. But it won't be long.

Oh and there is one bright spot in all this. The girl did win "Best Hair" for her class of 250. But you probably already figured that just from looking at the picture.


PJP said...

Perhaps, in God's mercy, this will buy her some time to think about her decisions in life.

Please, God!

PJP said...

I can't even believe this is making national news...please

Edward said...

I'm sorry.
This may not seem very nice, but according to the picture...


Who else BUT another girl, and a very compassionate one at that, would want to escort this chick anywhere?

M. Alexander said...

That may not be very nice but it made me laugh.

Anonymous said...

You call this girl bad? You are the ones in all your "piety" that are making fun of her. What happened to compassion for all people? This is a huge Christian virtue. This girl has done nothing to you, and you know nothing of her. The Cathechism of the Catholic Church acknowledges that sexual orientation is not a choice and has biological factors involved as have most psychologists. Stop picking on innocent people, saying that they are making "decisions". Your comments making fun of the HIGH SCHOOL student are inappropriate, especially publishing her photo. You are talking about a single, living, breathing, TEENAGER. Grow up please...

M. Alexander said...

The photo is from the Boston Herald. This is the pose that the girl in question chose to show the world when SHE contacted the press and SHE asked for the media to take her side and SHE complained that the PRIVATE, CATHOLIC school that SHE was attending should allow her to have her girlfriend attend and make a mockery of the Church's teaching.

But none of that matters.

But aren't you really upset, Amanda (I mean Anonymous) that Macy's won't take back the girlfriend's dress and pumps!!!! That was the whole point of the article. Now that's real discrimination. Unforgiveable. My moral outrage knows no bounds.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, Anon, This girl DID do something to ME - to all of us. She, by her homosexual 'live style choices' (read: error) has added to the EVIL in the world - presuming of course that she really IS a 'practicing' lesbian with all that implies by way of sin. When evil increases, it damages all of us, it makes us, as the Family of God, just a little more tainted. And, Anonymous Polyanna, they are poking fun at the girl in the picture because she is making fun of the laws of God. Personally I consider her pathetic. And, by the way, the jury is still OUT on whether homosexuallity is a choice or not. And, this girl is NOT a victim here - she mocks the Church. Perhaps SHE is the one who has to grow up!

Petrus said...

Sexual orientation 'may' not be a choice, but living a homosexual (read: deviant) lifestyle is a choice.

I do know that she is trying to make her morally wrong lifestyle (read: choice) socially and morally acceptable.

I also know that she is free to attend a public school where she would be allowed to bring whomever she wants to the prom, but chooses (again, that word, choose) to attend one that does not agree with her lifestyle.

Only teenagers get mad when other people make fun of them. Believe me, teen anonymous - once you do grow-up, you'll understand the jokes and be making them too.

Anonymous said...

First off...I am not Amanda...or a teenager..nor am I even a woman.

Second, I was not commenting on you making fun of her picture. I am upset at the way that you claim Christianity and yet you are pick on this gril that you don't even know.

Third, her homosexuality has nothing to do with you.

Fourth, The Catholic Church claims that sexual orientation is something that someone is born with. If you disagree with that, take it up with them. The APA has taken homosexuality off of the list of disorders over 20 years ago.

Fifth, can't you Catholics focus on something more important in the world. Look at genocide in Darfur, look at saving the earth that God created, look to ending world hunger and the pandemic known as AIDS...As a student of religion, I know that these are the great moral crises of our lifetime...with issues this large, homosexuality should be a non-issue. Unless of course you listen to Jame Dobson and believe what he says concerning global warming.

You always amaze me at how you take issue with people. Look at Don Imus...he was removed from the airwaves because he made the last straw and publically (not much different from yourself) denigrated the young women at Rutgers.

Petrus said...

Okay Teen Anonymous:

Teen, like being blonde, is obviously more of a state of mind, then an indication of one's age.

NCTradCatholic said...

Dear Anonymous "student of religion",
The Catholic Church does NOT claim that "sexual orientation is something that someone is born with", regardless of what some priest with his own agenda might claim. Show me the encyclical that says so. Show me the catechism passage. Show me the conciliar document. You can't. It doesn't exist.

Anonymous said...

Cathechism P. 2357 "Homosexuality refers to relations between men or between women who experience an exclusive or predominant sexual attraction towards persons of the same sex....It's psychological genesis remains largely unexplained."

This was written almost 15 years ago. Since this time, the APA has developed more and more information concerning the issue of sexual orientation, but have remained clear in their statement that homosexuality is not a disorder.

There are plenty of Catholic ethicists who would agree with this statement and thus would say that any true, unaltering, committed homosexual relationship would thus be valid...leaving the parties involved with a sense of ontic evil ( a term developed by Louis Jannssens out of Belgium) which would mean that there would be remorse for not being able to reproduce, but would not constitute a moral evil.

You all are sounding a lot like Fred Phelps out of Kansas.

The Catechism also says that "They [homosexuals] must be accepted with respect, compassion, and sensitivity." Your comments concerning this girl show no signs of respect, compassion and sensitivity.

elena maria vidal said...

It is a shame how things have changed. In our high school 20 years ago, sometimes two girls would go to the prom together if they did not have dates. How innocent and how different from now.....

PJP said...

This relates. Now who should be fined?

Anonymous, compassion, respect, and sensitiviy are relative values. With all compassion and respect for her, I pray she does God's will for her life.

Psychological genesis is one thing, for we don't know what she's gone through in her past, yet the fact remains that homosexual activity is a disorder. Read Romans 1:21-32

NCTradCatholic said...

Anonymous religion student: Hate to disappoint you, but the APA is not a mouthpiece for Catholic teaching. I reiterate: the Catholic Church does NOT teach that people are born homosexual. The Catechism passage you cited in no way implies that.

Edward said...

"The Cathechism of the Catholic Church acknowledges that sexual orientation is not a choice and has biological factors involved..."

As you have so kindly cited:

"It's psychological genesis remains largely unexplained."

This says little about the "choice" involved here, and NOTHING about biology, which, in case are unaware, is not the same thing as psychology.
Psychology has to deal with the *psyche*, which is directly involved with the "mind", i.e., the intellect and the will: that part of our being which is the *form* of our being human.
Biology has only to do with our physical system, our bodies.
And though the two are very intricately connected and involved in the workings of each other, the quote you have cited has nothing to do with the biological aspect of our being.
Therefore your assertion is incorrect.

Edward said...

"This girl has done nothing to you, and you know nothing of her."

As Mary indicated.
I only know enough about her as SHE HERSELF chose to push in my face.
And as far as Christian virtues go, what about her decency, and the consideration for the beliefs, as well as the respect she OWES to the values, of the OTHER people involved here (meaning the overwhelming majority of a CATHOLIC school)?
She herself has a DUTY not to give cause to scandal - another very important aspect of the Christian life.
So, because she believes she's a lesbian (and who knows at this age?), she gets carte blanche to do whatever the hell she likes?

A little discretion would be in order here.
That's all we're saying.

David L Alexander said...

"The Catholic Church claims that sexual orientation is something that someone is born with."

The Church makes no such claim. This is evident in her Catechism, a passage of which is cited herein: "It's psychological genesis remains largely unexplained."

I should say I personally find the girl to be rather attractive, and so I am dismayed by comments mocking her appearance. I suspect this is little more than an attempt to call attention to herself, and she has been successful. She would probably be beside herself had the school allowed her participation on such terms as mentioned.

It is an aspect of same-sex attraction that tends to alienate them from the general populace even more; the obsession with rubbing the world's nose in it. The best way I have found to keep the public out of your business, is to keep your business out of the public.

Edward said...

Oh David, please!
She's no doubt 'well endowed', but c'mon!
It is very gallant of you, I must say, to come to this poor girl's defense - a true gentlemanly act! - but the nauseatingly provocative pose, coupled with the lowest state of dress within which she has decided to affect her debut into the world of the public eye simply MUST, unseemly as it is, utterly belie any merited attention she may garnish short of revulsion.
As far as your comment on the MO of the whole "gay" movement, you've hit the nail on the head, my friend.
They are disciples of Danton:
"L'audace! Toujours l'audace!"
The rallying cry of an earlier and equally destructive revolution.

Anonymous said...

she is actually really quite attractive and her hair is actually really really awesome. when they made the rule saying that guys hair had to be cut short she decided that it was sexist for guys to have a rule on length and the girls did not have one on shortness. so she cut all of her hair off. they were so pissed cause they couldn't suspend her cause there was no actual rule so she just got a ton of detentions. that is the type of person she is. always willing to voice her opinion and take one for the team. awesome person. you can all say what you want, but you don't know her so you have no right to judge her. much less judge her because she is bisexual.

A kid from Feehan said...

perhaps, you zealot faggots can think about other people, and not be so wrapped up in your own vision of religion that you don't realize what a difficult situation that his. Pjp really needs to cool off, what a homo

Anonymous said...

As it says in the Canadian Charter of rights and freedoms 15. (1) Every individual is equal before and under the law and has the right to the equal protection and equal benefit of the law without discrimination and, in particular, without discrimination based on race, national or ethnic origin, color, religion, SEX, SEXUALITY, age or mental or physical disability. Which in turn gives her the right to go to prom with whom ever she choses!!!!!!!

Girl from Feehan! You all suck (: said...

wow you psychopaths leave her alone. god hates you ALL you gay bashers, i promise you'll rot in hell.