Thursday, March 02, 2006

Bishop Gregory on Appropriate Dress for Mass

Now before you get your hopes up like I did, remember who we are talking about here.

Here's the article.

Bishop Gregory on the crux of the issue:

Parents want their children to be properly dressed for Church, but how do they also allow their children to feel comfortable, to feel connected to their peers, and not to develop an aversion to going to Church simply because it always involves a painful encounter over apparel.

[emphasis mine]

To summarize, anything goes. And in conflicts between you and your parents: kids- the Bishop is on your side. Braces and flip flops- bring 'em on. Because that is the problem right? Braces and flip flops.

Strangely enough this public school had no problem setting dress guidelines. I guess they just don't care about the kids' comfort. Which means they just don't care about the kids.

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Madeline said...

What the bishop fails to address is that the way we dress actually means something. It's not always about comfort (Frankly, I don't see how a young woman CAN be comfortable with her midriff showing, or a young man with his pants barely hanging on around his hips!). It's about the respect that a particular occasion deserves, reflected in the way we dress. Would these same people who are so cavalier about what is worn to mass have the same attitude if their children were to meet the president, or a celebrity?