Friday, March 03, 2006

Catholic Presence on The Apprentice

In an interesting article from Catholic Online we discover that Tarek is a Maronite Catholic, originally from the beautiful country of Lebanon. It was known as the Riviera of the Middle East until it became a wartorn terrorists'training ground.

Although Tarek barely escaped being fired last week, we hope to see evidence of his Faith demonstrated in a way that will make us proud.


Sara said...

Wow, Mary, what a small world!

I am on Maryskeys with you (although a chronic lurker) and my friend's sister is engaged to Tarek! They actually go to the TLM and were going to get married in it until the priest discovered that Tarek was baptized Maronite. Now I guess they have to get married there instead.

I have never watched the Apprentice but I might just to say I have met someone who was on TV.

M. Alexander said...

So nice of you to drop by and say hi! I gave up Maryskeys for Lent and miss it. Hopefully I'll be spending less time on the internet. That is so cool- will you be invited to the wedding? I also gave up TV for Lent and The Apprentice is the only show I watch but I will keep track via the internet.

Sara said...

No, I don't know them well enough to be invited.

BTW, I am really enjoying the articles and pictures on your blog. I can't tell what is different, but it seems to be better presented than most blogs I read.

M. Alexander said...

Thanks Sara,
That's a nice compliment and I appreciate it!