Monday, March 20, 2006

Christian on Trial in Afghanistan for Converting

A Christian is on trial in Afghanistan for converting from Islam. Under Sharia law anyone who converts from Islam is to receive the death penalty. More from the religion of peace,love and brotherhood. The article is here. The judge has 2 months to render a verdict and reportedly efforts to see Rahman have been unsuccessful. You can pretty much guarantee that he is being tortured in an attempt to get him to deny his Faith. And his family turned him in. Man's that's cold.

Interestingly I came across this article about Abdul Rahman, the Iron Emir. He ruled Afghanistan from 1880-1901. A ruler who is given credit for shaping modern day Afghanistan. Though perhaps "credit" isn't the correct word. Named after a man of strong beliefs the modern day Rahman is true to the name and the history. Let's pray for him.

More information on the case here.

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