Monday, March 20, 2006

Your Loss is Our Gain

An interesting article about the closing of Boston's Churches and how Fr. Joseph Santos of Holy Name in Providence, RI is rescuing some of their furnishings from destruction.

“Instead of being given away to antique dealers, they are being used as they were meant to be used,” said Father Santos of the items he has received to improve the aesthetic quality of his parish.

Father Santos was able to acquire a new pulpit, Communion rail, six bronze candlesticks and two angel candelabras and other small pieces for his beloved parish. The pulpit and Communion rail, which came from Nuestra Senora del Carmen Parish in Lowell, are both valuable antiques at over 100 years old.

“I have been working on [obtaining] them since over a year ago,” said Father Santos, adding that he will now only “have to worry about putting them in place.”

Father Santos said, “people were thrilled,” about seeing two angel candelabras in church during the Christmas season. In addition, six bronze candlesticks that were retrieved from St. Mary Church in Marlborough provided majestic lighting to the pontifical “Missa Cantata” celebrated by Bishop Bishop Fernando Areas Rifan, who came from Brazil in September for the event.

“Many things are starting to be reused, it is wonderful,” said Father Santos, later adding, “The more attractive the church is, the more active people will be in their faith and will find God.”

“Doing some real restoration will increase the atmosphere of the liturgy and worship,” said Father Santos. “Keep us in your prayers so that we can accomplish everything we need to do.”

Fr. Santos makes some important statements about the atmosphere of the Church. And in an attempt to spin the closing of Boston's Church, the diocese actually permits the comments. Because closing the churches can't be all bad when something good is coming out of it, right?

Holy Name has a website here.

And information about the Una Voce chapter of Rhode Island is here. The photo above is taken from this website and shows His Excellency Bishop Rifan celebrating Mass at Holy Name in September 2005 .

It is thought the most of the Boston parishoners of Holy Trinity Traditional Latin Mass will have to make the journey down to Providence one Holy Trinity is finally closed. So those with an attachement to the Mass will have to travel not only many towns away but to the next state. That is the status of pastoral care shown by the Archdiocese of Boston and Cardinal Sean. Thanks guys.

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