Monday, March 13, 2006

The Kids or the Cash?

Catholic Charities in Boston decides to stop placing children for adoption. Seems to me they had two choices. Either they could place children for adoption with Catholic 2 parent families- mothers and fathers and stop taking government money which apparently accounts for most of their $40 million budget or they could quit the adoption business and keep the money.

They picked the money over the kids.

This issue is a smokescreen anyway. When we were adopting our son we explored doing so through Catholic Charities. In speaking to several adoption agencies we learned that adopting through Catholic Charities was about $3000 more expensive. Adoption is a moneymaking endeavor for CC. The private agencies were going to work with us. The CC told us to take it or leave it. Strange since Catholic Charities is funded by the Bishops fund, supposedly. But then again so was the Priests' Retirement Fund.

Catholic World News has the article.

Bishop O'Malley's Statement is here.


WriteWingNut said...

Wow. That is so sad. I've always thought so highly of CC and have donated to them. Now I'm not so sure about them.

Rob and I got our counseling through CC, which was another reason why I really liked them.

Madeline said...

I think "the love of money" has hindered the Catholic Church for a long time. Because of threats to our tax-exempt status, we no longer (or very rarely) hear sermons about the immorality and/or sinfulness of voting for certain candidates. I don't think Our Lord would have succumbed to the same petty motivation... but that's just me.