Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Fr. Leo Tibesar, Board Member of Dignity

Hilary White in her official capacity as reporter to Lifesite news breaks this story.

To summarize, Fr. Leo Tibesar, priest of St. Paul, Minnesota is on the Board of Directors of Dignity USA. Dignity opposes Church teaching on homosexual activity, homosexual "marriage", adoption, abortion, women's ordination...well you get the picture. Their website showing the board members is here. You can read their list of links- always so telling about any organization I think here.

Bishop Flynn of St. Paul recently came under fire for silencing or censuring Fr. Altier, a conservative and outspoken critic of the diocesan sex ed program. In this link from a letter from Bishop Flynn he denies the connection but refuses to give details about his treatment of Fr. Altier. Fr. Altier's spirit of obedience is amazingly impressive.


Sportin' Life said...

Fr. Altier's spirit of obedience is amazingly impressive.

Obedience seems to be the prime directive of catholicism. Thinking is definitely frowned upon.

Tradcatholic said...

Actually, sportin'life, obedience IS a prime directive - obedience based on Faith that the Church is Christ on earth -
We obey 'the Church' as we would obey Christ - in all that is not sinful or harmful to souls. Very perceptive of you.