Saturday, March 04, 2006

Priest Silenced Over Opposition to Diocesan Sex Ed

Reportedly, Fr. Altier a priest serving at St. Agnes in St. Paul, Minnesota has been silenced by his bishop Harry Flynn. Fr. Altier was known to be a straight shooter who told it like it was, hence his problems with the Chancery. It appears (though this has not been confirmed) that he was silenced over his opposition to the diocesan sex education program for children that masquerades as sex abuse prevention. Details here. I like to think of it as a razor in an apple. You may not see the dangers and the evils immediately but it's there and the damage will be severe.

From Fr. Altier's website on the censure:

"In obedient compliance with the expressed written request of Most Reverend Harry J. Flynn, Archbishop of the Archdiocese of Saint Paul and Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA, Father Altier’s homilies and spiritual presentations can no longer be published on or broadcast on Relevant Radio. Please be assured that this action of the archbishop is not related to any scandal or sexual misconduct on the part of Father Robert Altier. We regret any inconvenience and humbly ask for your prayers."

Fr. Altier on priests:

"Priests are into materialism and worldliness. And if you want the material, you can't have the spiritual. Priests have gotten into a lot of worldliness."

Father Alitier on the Church:

"I got sick and tired of all the lies. I just laid it out. There are three groups that have infiltrated the Church, the Masons, the Communists, and the homosexuals, who came in 1924," he alleges. "85 percent of all the abuse cases are homosexual. There is rank homosexuality. Homosexuals chose the best and brightest and best looking and put them into the priesthood."

And sin:

"I think because people don't want to deal with sin," he says. "The loss of the sense of sin is one of the great tragedies of our time. They don't want to deal with the idea that God would allow any kind of purification. We focus on His mercy so much that we forget His justice. The devil is resisting the idea of chastisement. If we can explain it scientifically, it denies the spirituality of an event, and what the devil desires most is to remain hidden. Certainly he is going to be involved in some of these things, whether directly or from chaos at spiritual level. He is inspiring chaos at spiritual level.

Fr. Altier will be in our prayers and we would like to introduce him to Fr. David Mullen of St. Brendan's parish in Bellingham, MA. They have a lot in common.

Strange that no one in Canada is calling for the silencing of a certain groups of priests that I vaguely remember.


Tradcatholic said...

There is one good thing about the 'silencing' of these two good priests as well as many others. It affords us the chance to know who the good priests really are! I knew nothing about Fr Altier before reading it here, and if I did not know Fr. Mullen personally I would have known nothing about him either. I laughed at what the bishop said about Fr Mullen in the link you provided: "IF FR.MULLEN CHOSE NOT TO AGREE WITH THE REQUEST, NOTHING MORE WOULD HAVE HAPPENED"
Really now--are we gullible enough to swallow that?? What a joke! We all know what would have happened - his parish would have been one of those on the chopping block of Church closings. My prayers go out to these two courageous priests who know the Truth. Which saint said that "the floor of hell is paved with the skulls of bishops"? Please say it is true...

Anonymous said...

Links to discussion about the VIRTUS program are available at

WriteWingNut said...

I remember the sex ed class we had in my would make public school teachers blush.

M. Alexander said...

Writewingnut- I forget how young you are! I would love to hear more about your CCD experience- what diocese? was the program official or the idea of your CCD instructor?

Anonymous said...

So lets all of us continue to gather and pray, for prayer is truly needed all around the world. Without prayer, there cannot be peace or conversion and lets encourage others to prayer groups so more come to know Jesus in a deeper way. Pray the Rosary and meditate on the mysteries each new day. Pray the Chaplet of Divine Mercy for souls, for many, many are suffering due to lack of prayer.

Here is a linkable archive list to Fr. Altier’s Homilies2006 Homilies by Father Robert Altier
2005 Homilies by Father Robert Altier
2004 Homilies by Father Robert Altier
2003 Homilies by Father Robert Altier
2002 Homilies by Father Robert Altier
2001 Homilies by Father Robert Altier

Anonymous said...

The receptionist at St. Agnes confirms that Fr. Altier will be Chaplin at a nursing home in Hastings MN. and no longer at St. Agnes.

They would not at this time comment on Fr. Weizbacher., but it's going around he is leaving too.

But I would expect its true that he is leaving as well, he stood up against safe touch program.
Protecting God’s Children"

Scripture is being fulfilled, it looks like the sheep and the goats are being separated. He has been preparing us for times to come

"If you do not pray every day deeply in your heart, you will not make it. Am I clear? " Fr. Altier.If We Do Not Pray, We Will Not Make It"Homily from the Mass at Midnight

In my hearts of hearts, I think Fr. Altier expected something like this, and he is willing to be a martyr for the truth and we must pray.

Anonymous said...

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