Saturday, March 04, 2006

Doctors Seek Right to Kill Baby in Britain

Everyone who watched the murder of Terri Schiavo knew instinctively that this was the groundwork being laid to kill those whose lives are deemed without merit or value. We didn't have to wait long. In England, the court machinations are ongoing as doctors attempt to kill a 17 month old baby who HAS COGNITIVE function but has spinal paralysis. The baby is fed by a tube and is currently on a ventilator. All the baby needs is a tracheotomy and the parents want to bring their baby home. The BBC article is here.

Of course no one seems bothered that this is a direct contradiction to common sense, moral duty, natural law and compassion as well as the European convention on Human Rights approved in 1998. You can read the relevant sections here.

Tragically, I think we all know what happens to babies who are wards of the state in this situation. Here we are talking about the violation of the rights of the baby and the parents who are not allowed to care for their child.

The next time someone starts to pontificate on the glories of socialized medicine and the advancement of European countries over the United States remember this story and what the reality of socialized medicine really is. "Free medical" care, rationed by the state to those it deems worthy.

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Madeline said...

"no, no, no... birth control won't lead to widespread promiscuity. Abortion won't lead to infanticide. Doctor assited voluntary suicide won't lead to doctor determined murder..." and the lies go on, and on, and on.

By this doctor's reasoning, ANYONE who experiences a "quality of life" that HE considers below par, should be put to death. Why stop at children? Hitler didn't!