Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Quo Vadis Domine?- A Whole New Meaning

This story about a group of Traditionalists who have been "invited to leave" their parish, St. Mary's by the Sea has, so far, only been picked up by Steve Greenhut, a reporter from the Orange County Register who is blogging about it.

The crux of the case: apparently Bishop Brown, no friend to Tradition has cancelled an Indult held at St. Mary's and the parishoners who are upset about it have not taken it lying down. They refuse to abscond to the SSPX or an Independent Chapel and are instead trying to bring about large scale revolt in the parish. Naturally I am sympathetic to their goals, especially knowing that going to the Bishop and even the Apostolic Nuncio will have no effect.

It will be interesting to see how this is resolved. Have the efforts of the Traditionalists gone too far? Are they creating public scandal or reacting to public scandal? Will Rome intervene? I think that many Traditionalists will say they felt the same way- they were effectively shown the door by their Parish because they didn't "fit in." By "fitting in" I mean have 2 children, who attend the government schools, give large donations, vote Democrat and allow themselves to be bullied by the laypeople who think (or may actually be) running the parish.

The blog entries can be read here.

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